View Full Version : Dromed Enhanced

2nd Jul 2002, 19:51
Does anyone know where I can get ahold of Dromed Enhanced for T2, other than FilePlanet? Thief Underground redirects there, I can't find it at The Circle, and, unfortunately, at this time, The Vault is down.


Thorin Oakenshield
3rd Jul 2002, 00:42
Has Rob released it? I doubt it's ready yet.

3rd Jul 2002, 01:24
I have it on my FM CD?!:p :rolleyes:

3rd Jul 2002, 01:30
Not Rob's thing.

Dromed enhanced is Dromed 2 with a bunch of tutorials zipped with it.

And thanks BA :p you want to send it to me :D j/k - I have a copy at home, but was trying to download one here at work. But, it's probably better to work than get sucked back into dromed horror land :D