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2nd Jul 2002, 19:49
Well, i think this one deserves to be RePosted here... :)

Posted by Chris@Crystal:
Thanks to everyone who played and came up with some really silly stories and ideas. Here it is, the real meaning behind GO CHEESE!

"Cheese" became a nickname for Steve Ross(Lead Artist) during the production of Blood Omen 2. Eventually another team member uttered the now famous "Go Cheese" during a meeting in which he was portraying Steve in a positive light. Ever since it has become a teasing tool to bring Steve into the conversation when he really doesn't want to be. This was the one out take Sam Newman had Simon do since he knew it would annoy Steve.
So, no one got the answer right(I really didn't think anyone would), but the closest answer was from Pillar of Balance with:

Go Cheese eh?
Mr. Templemans nickname for one of the cast/crew?

And the most creative answer was from DivineShadow with this crazy story:

Okay, now the reason why Simon Templeman yells "Go Cheese!".....
While recording the dialogue for Blood Omen 2, Simon Templeman was as usual doing his damn fine job. However, he was unawhere that Project Director Glen A Schofield and Producer Sam Newman had invited Mr T, the cool tough-man from the 80's TV series, 'The A-Team', to record dialogue for his guest appearance in the game. Mr T began voice acting, but was alas not too happy when Simon Templeman tried to correct him on the pronunciation of the words 'Sucka' and 'Fool!'. A scuffle started between the two professionals, and Mr T threw Mr Templeman across the studio.
"That's it suckas, I'm out of here."
Bloodlust and revenge in his head, Simon Templeman grabbed the nearest projectile available, a cheese sandwich. Throwing it fast, the sandwich fell apart in the air, but the cheese stayed on target. It hit Mr T with incredible forcem knocking him to the ground. Templeman, vengeance saited, yelled "Go Cheese!" in a fit of celebration. Since then Simon Templeman has adopted it as his war cry, his own 'Vae Victus' if you will.
Everyone at Crystal Dynamics had to rush around quickly and edit all of Mr T's appearances from the game. But "Go Cheese" was already recorded, and was used to indicate that the cheat mode was active."