View Full Version : ok what is the whole TR game series??

2nd Jul 2002, 16:54
i know there is 1 2 3 and stuff but what about TR gold?? what is that ive herd that tr2 and tr gold2 are like the same??? so what is the whole series? and r they the same??

2nd Jul 2002, 17:02
The gold games are not the same as the 'regular' games. They're seperate games consisting out of only a few levels.

So the whole series would be:
TR1 gold
TR2 gold
The last artifact
Times Exclusive level (it's sometimes referred to as TRLR gold)

Maybe there are other games, but I can't think of them right now....

2nd Jul 2002, 17:05
there are no other games besides aod ;)

the gold games are often the most fun, I would seriously suggest buying lost artifact to anyone who enjoyed tr3, it is an awesome game. there are 6 levels in that one, tr1+2gold aren't as good, but they are both fun, and tr2gold has some of my favorite levels in it. i ahvent played tr1gold :(

2nd Jul 2002, 18:58
what is trlc??

2nd Jul 2002, 19:00
i mean what it TRLR??

2nd Jul 2002, 19:28
TombRaider: Last Revelation.

2nd Jul 2002, 19:56

2nd Jul 2002, 21:15
Probably some of the confusion with the "Gold" and "Regular" games is that often times the gold games are released as a 2-disc set which includes the original game. As I recall, TR1-Gold was released this way about the same time TR2 hit the stores, and this pattern was followed with TR2-gold being released about the same time as TR3.

Congratulations, Wixer, for remembering "The Times Level." Most people forget about it. I personally wouldn't call it a "Gold" game since it was only one level, and a relatively short (but fun) one. Still, it looks like it's the closest thing we'll see to TRLR-gold.

3rd Jul 2002, 14:15
so the gold games are short?? should i buy them?? i think i will because i want the whole series. :)

4th Jul 2002, 02:46
I bought TR I Gold for the Mac. That was my first TR game.
It was one disc with both TRI and the Gold levels on it.
The TRI Gold levels revisit a couple of TRI levels, but with new twists, hazards and goals.
MY TR II for the Mac was just TR II, but I was able to download the TR IIGold levels from somewhere.
I can't remember where.
The Times level was never released for the Mac as far as I know. (waaahhhh!)
I never found Lost Artifact for the Mac either (waaahhh again).

The Sage Of Time
4th Jul 2002, 06:46
The exact series goes as follows..

Tomb Raider - PC
Tomb Raider - Sega Saturn
Tomb Raider - Playstation
Tomb Raider GOLD: Unfinished Business - PC
Tomb Raider II: Staring Lara Croft - PC
Tomb Raider II: Staring Lara Croft - Playstation
Tomb Raider II GOLD: The Golden Mask - PC
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft - PC
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft - Playstation
Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact - PC
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation - PC
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation - Playstation
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation - Sega Dreamcast
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation: Times Exclusive Level - PC
Tomb Raider Chronicles - PC
Tomb Raider Chronicles - Playstation
Tomb Raider Chronicles - Sega Dreamcast