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8th Feb 2016, 14:56
I know its a bit TL;DR , what are your views on possible fixes at the end.

i dont see the point in playing anymore when some one plays a sentinal,always puncture,air strike combo. compared to the other vampire classes sentinals have an extra dodge factor that they can fly, and can fly of any where that they can jump off.i dont play sentinal.

i know that other vampire classes can also be overpowered but have the disadvantage of having to use the ground to attack or roofs to take cover. but being able to take a player and potentially disable , seclude and probably kill adds to the bonuses of sentinals.( dominate mind does but not in the same way)

***Most sentinal players use puncture, air strike
*Typical sentinal attacks, *boring* try something different m8.

kidnap: most used combo picked up droped, sentinal will then probably "spacebar" to drop and "Q" for puncture finisher all before you have time to attack or maybe dodge( which is impossible Roll any way and i bet you puncture will hit you).

I call this the -Low fly 1 hit combo, only used by the real tryhards who cant win unless they use it, sentinal will kindap you and staying low fly behind the nearest building out of sight for friendlys to help their fellow human, you then get droped which still gives you a knockdown penalty even though your being carried about 2 foot off the ground then you get 1 hit by puncture.

i know some teams/players are good and can get in to save there team memebers but most of the time not. because of solo , no sync etc.

Possible human defences against sentinals

***Bola: low chance of actually hitting thus sentinals in air and most of time they will kidnap you from behind , missing your bola then gives the sent an upper hand as your disable skill is now on cooldown.
(if you are lucky though, unless your team has your back the sent will break out of bola and unfortunally hunter dps is not enugh to kill sentinal possible resulting in you getting punctured and maybe killed if low hp)

***SiegeBow: still a low chance scouts unless your good, have 1 shot to hit this sentinal and if you miss your dead, it also requires a charged bow which of course gives you tunnel vision so you can only see infront

***Hex Shot: Low chance same as bola really you can disable only when they have kidnap activated.

***Shield charge: Slim chance only works if a sentinal flys low or has picked up your team mate where there is about 2 seconds before that sent flys up and out of reach.

***Bulwark: was the best skill to actually stop sentinals 100% knockdown chance, only lasted about a week until patched, worked the same as it does now on tyrant stopping their charge attack, the sentinal would fall to the ground. -(Bluwark can of course still be stoped by pounce, Ground Slam, Wing Flap(need confirm on dominate mind?) *airstrike and chocking haze dont officially stop it but unless the vanguard has a death wish you would move* cause there is no "I" in team well unless your a sentinal at the moment

***Vanguard shield defence: not sure on the health but does negate some damage of puncture but not all of it.

***Prophet shield, doesnt stop the sentinal but does negate the damage and a possible ,low fly 1 hit combo'er

Possible fixes?
Remove puncture? lower its damage or range?
If removed maybe add takeoff or dive bomb to primary attacks which would fit as they sort of are "wing based" attacks, still leaving sonic shriek and air strike as secondary "non wing based attacks"
(still waiting on the new sentinal skill from leagues as well)

bring back bulwark- it doesnt have to be 100% if you think its too overpowered maybe like the tyrant it would push the sentinal to the sides or over the top.
(bluwark can of course still be stoped by pounce, Ground Slam, Wing Flap(need confirm on dominate mind) *airstrike and chocking haze dont officially stop it but unless the vanguard has a death wish you would move*
cause there is no "I" in team well unless your a sentinal at the moment

Probably wasted my time writing this but this is what im thinking so hope you enjoyed
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8th Feb 2016, 18:25
I can't argue that Sentinel isn't strong but the class isn't overpowered and as you've said other vampire classes are "overpowered" as well. However in matches with skilled/experienced players the humans are actually stronger and flying isn't an advantage - if you fly all the time Scouts, Hunters and Prophets will turn your wings into Swiss cheese before you get a chance to Kidnap someone.

My advice is - fight fire with fire i.e. playing as Sentinel will teach you how to play against them. That goes for all vampire and human classes.

Regarding counters Prophets are the best imo. Elderich Shield will negate almost the entire Sentinel combo if they kidnap your teammate. Hex Shot allows you to save yourself because even if they use the low drop combo they still need several melee strikes to kill you and they can't escape with Takeoff (Takeoff is pretty good alternative to Air Strike and if you aren't behind cover when using Air Strike you become a nice stationary target and you'll take at least as much dmg as you've dealt).

8th Feb 2016, 20:01
A new week, a new "nerf sentinel" thread on the forums...
So many good counters exist for Sentinel nowadays.
The problem with Sentinel in Public matches is simply that people
a) cant position themselves correctly
b) there is almost no teamplay
c) most people dont know how to dodge it/throw bola

8th Feb 2016, 20:35
I understand your issue with sentinels and it's a stage all Nosgoth players have to go through. Sentinels do seem horribly overpowered but they are actually the most countered class in the game. So let me clear this up once and for all.

(Poison) Bola:
This is just something that you will have to train (a lot!) it's not something that will easily come but a bola is the most overpowered method of bringing down a sentinel. For this to work it's important that you always have a good idea of where the sentinel is located and your previous experience on the map on the likely places the sentinel will grab you from. After a while it's as easy as riding a bicycle. There are people who have this skill so pinned down they can hit any sentinel.

Even though the bola is overpowered you can see that the hit rate will never be 100% so the best secondary counter skill as a hunter is the blind shot. You see a sentinel coming down for a grab, light the area up with blind shot and it's a guaranteed miss. Even shooting right after someone has been grabbed will cause an average sentinel to be easier to shoot while in the air. I use this a lot when there are 3+ sentinels in the other team.

This weapon is really effective against sentinels, granted it isn't as overpowered as it was in alpha, you will usually manage to bring a sentinel down low enough that his next initiation will be a lot less powerfull. This does require some training as you will have to shoot in rapid succession when he's in sight and (ofcourse) try to not miss. As a sentinel player myself I despise this bow.

This is one I see used less the longer I've been playing but with a good team it's as much of an insta-kill as a bola. I don't think I really need to explain this one.

Bad/Average/Good sentinels will surely have a problem grabbing you if they didn't pin point your location before you went invisible. Ofcourse camouflage is still pretty visible but it does a good job at catching sentinels offguard.

I know given from your post you might have lost your trust in eldrich but you have to look at it from the position of the sentinel player. A normal sentinel player will usually run abduct which means he won't be able to carry your team mate that far away from your team. This also means that the eldrich will last from the start of the grab untill your team mate has already been able to get back to your team. An eldrich usually prevents the sentinel from landing. Given that you know the approximate position of the vampires it is usually good to run towards your team mate to be able to drop some burst damage on him if you believe the vampires do intend on grouping up on him. However this should be a decision based on experience because a break in position can cause some problems.

Sacrifice (With 200% perk):
This works well after you've been reunited with your team mate because the enemy team won't have this easy way in where they kill the squishy guy first and turn it into a 3v4. It prevents that dangerous health station moment that you know every vampire and their mother is keeping an eye on.

Disabling curse:
Completely removes the puncture and escape abilities of the sentinel while not having a damage buffer that traditional disables like hex shot and bola have.

Light bomb:
It might surprise you that an alchemist has a counter but because sentinels are such glass cannons whilst being a good initiator class means that burst damage like this is actually an effective tool in bringing down a sentinel.

I usually don't recommend vanguard versus sentinel because there are too many down sides. But some players are really good at so it's your own decision.

All the rest is positioning and using your primary weapon.

10th Feb 2016, 18:14
I dont believe Sentinel is over-powered...the only thing that needs fixing is the abduct-puncture combo:
Humans get fall stun from zero height and can't stop/counter the puncture.

This is the only thing i feel needs to be changed...