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2nd Jul 2002, 15:14
Have you ever encountered something in real life that reminded you of Tomb Raider? Or a Tomb Raider environment?

*I saw the LARGEST rat in my entire life. Fortunately, I was in my car and it was swimming in a ditch on the side of the road. I couldn't believe how enormous it was. I always thought the rats in TR were rather unrealistic, until this encounter. My husband said it was a muskrat. In my world, that's still a RAT!!! .

*We're digging a pond and the sides go straight down (no water, yet) and the cliffs remind me of some of the TR levels.

Those are some of mine. What about you?


2nd Jul 2002, 15:59
everytime i go hiking in the woods im lara croft lol,i wear my moutain boots and climb the muddy walls and jump gaps while listening to my cd of the tr movie ,my imaginary thearpist sais its perfectly normal

2nd Jul 2002, 17:28
Originally posted by j.d.r.v
my imaginary thearpist sais its perfectly normal
rotfl!!! :D:D:D
a lot of things i can't think of remind me of tomb raider... :)

Les Effant Terrible
2nd Jul 2002, 18:04
When I rock climb I think of Lara. I'm glad I don't fall off of the rocks and break my neck though! :rolleyes:

2nd Jul 2002, 22:04
when i went on a cruise in april, one of the stops was tulum mexico. its was so beautiful and while we were there we took an 8 1/2 hour tour of these ancient myan ruins. its was kewl! after that we went snorkling and i saw some dolphins(saddly didnt swim w/ them it was really expensive) and a lizard walked by me:D

2nd Jul 2002, 22:26
Basically when ever I'm alone or bored I think I'm Lara. If I'm at my grandparents, I'll imagine that I'm captured in a secret compound so I'll have to escape without anyone seeing me.
I should be old enough to be out of the 'let's imagine' stage, but i'm not.... so there!

2nd Jul 2002, 22:53
il do that too sum times...ill b sittin in skewl lookin out the window wonderin hmmm maybe i shuld jump up on the heater and kik the window open and jump out the window and make a dash for the woods....so this is normal then? :D

3rd Jul 2002, 01:02
I always climb up on this ledge at the park. My friends watch and they're like, "holy crap, that little punk can jump! He's like a male Lara Croft!" (This ledge is like 10 feet high and I'm only 5' 9")
Then I swan dive off and kill myself. I'm a ghost now.

3rd Jul 2002, 17:23
Yeah, I had an experience like that once:

I entered a dark, drab area, that was cold and moist, and in front of me were artifacts of long ago, strewn all over the place. Once I progressed down the wooden bridge, that just barely seemed to hold my weight, I entered and area where fires lit up the stone statues of warriors from long ago. A big rock slid out of the way and I entered what I believed was tomb, but to the right of me was a HUGE Shiva statue. Once inside the main chamber of this massive shrine, I took a seat, and was bombarded with realization that I was in no tomb, for the area was surrounded with lava. I soon came to realize that I was in fact........................................................on the TOMB RAIDER Ride!

Haha, got ya :p

4th Jul 2002, 19:53
It reminds me of tomb raider when i go in the woods in my backyard and all the dogs in the neighborhood start barking @ me! I havnt gone in there since the last time when i got poisen ivy!!:(

5th Jul 2002, 05:40
lol theres alot of things in tr that arnt realistical lol such as lara boobs and her way of catching fire ,i havent seen any big rats but ive seen a good share of big bugs ekk and a bat outside my window lol and each time i hear a noise i get this wierd fantasy of doing a roll and picking up two pistols lol

Louve71 your from quebec me too


5th Jul 2002, 06:51
...and Lara's way of going up to her head into quick sand and coming out SQUUUEEEKY clean!!!! :confused:

*Lara Croft*
5th Jul 2002, 07:19
Originally posted by j.d.r.v
everytime i go hiking in the woods im lara croft lol,i wear my moutain boots and climb the muddy walls and jump gaps while listening to my cd of the tr movie ,my imaginary thearpist sais its perfectly normal

Really? You Too??? Glad to know I'm not the only one!!! :)

9th Jul 2002, 18:23
Around her those huge rats are called sewer rats. Their the size of the taco bell dog. In fact there was someone on the news that took one home thinking it was a really nasty and mean yo quiro taco bell pooch.

13th Jul 2002, 17:34
One time last year I was at a friend's house, and we decided to borrow her neighbor's canoe. We started rowing out into the middle of this huge lake, thinking we could make it to the other side and back before dinner time. WRONG! The undercurrent dragged us out into the middle of the lake, and we were starting to be pulled out into Lake Michigan. So she jumped out of the canoe and started swimming it in. I tried to do the same, but the canoe capsized, and we both ended up in the water dragging a canoe at least a mile. Someone on the shore saw us, and decided to call the coast guard. He came and picked us up, canoe and all. We were silent and ashamed the rest of the day. But not an hour later, we decieded to go into the woods. We took along backpacks filled with the necessities- flashlight, sunglasses, bugspray, etc. Along the way, we broke into an old abandoned shack, and took a few supplies from there, which included paper towels and a bag of potate chips. We arrived at this place in the woods with a bunch of fallen trees. Not long after, she spotted a snake, so we ran. Unfortunately, we had decided to hike in a private area, so angry neighbors were soon on our tail, shotguns and all. We ran like the wind, and made it back to her house without getting caught.
The End.

13th Jul 2002, 18:14
Louve71 i am so amazed you re sure that u wrote all those articles on ur web site? C est impressionnant mais vraiment la je suis bouche-B. De 1 soit t es un geni(e) ou de 2 tu es une de ces creatures (goaoulde) tirée d'une de ces series de science fiction a la noix.
Pour l'amour de ton daniel jackson;) Dis nous comment tu fais pour etre si...........Geniale!!!

13th Jul 2002, 21:12
Well, this may sound corny but..

I went to my uncles house, and he had a huge soft mat that you use for high-jumping.

I had setup the mat, put up the pole, and i started to run

The pole was 4 1/2 feet up, and i had made it over, except i overdid the jump and landed on the ground instead of the mat.

Luckily i was okay, just a few minor bruises. But i felt just like Lara while i was flying over that pole and landing on the ground.

13th Jul 2002, 21:14
quite an adventure HikingBoots, if only you videotaped it.