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2nd Jul 2002, 11:21
I'm new to Startopia and I have started creating missions. I have completed the script and begun coding of the mission. The first "scene" is finished but it starts to take such long time to test before I come to any new code written and with that a few questions arias.

1) What is being saved when you save. For example. After I completed the first "scene", I save. Will all my created variables be the same when I reload. Can I do changes in the mish file and they will work.
2) Is there any good tricks.

I use two computers to create the missions. One to play and one to edit. I just reloads the mission to use the latest changes. I want to have an easier way to test the later part of my mission.

2nd Jul 2002, 15:06
Good! Another mission maker. :)

Btw - Startopia Alt-Tabs on my PC fine, so using two PC's is not really nessecary . . . but could save time anyway . . .

When u save all variables are saved. You cannot load a game if you add any if-end loops (I forgot the offical name :() from the file they don't work if you do. Also removing them I think makes it not work at all.

While at the main menu (or in game) HOLD DOWN F11 and then TYPE "SCRIPTINFO" - no quotes. Then use Leftshift/Rightshift & Tab to look thou the pages of info. It holds variable values, station contents, and even later pages show peep stats at the peeps - very helpful!

The first page (LShift & Tab once) is most helpful as it SHOULD say "no errors found", or it will spam error messages . . .

At least this is what I remember from my mission which you can find at the Startopia post! :D *ahem* Sorry . . . just gettings some free advertising in. ;)

Hope those help, if I'm wrong - correct me.

2nd Jul 2002, 17:26
I used Alt + tab from start, but it takes ca 20 sec before the game starts and its really annoying after a while. I have to press esc or there will be no graphics. So the use of two computer feel necessary and now I can code while the mission is running.

I knew of "Scriptinfo" from "Startopia Mod Guide V1.3.doc". Do you know where i can se if a peep is sick? I haven't found it jet.

Do anyone else know any good tips?

And thanks for your reply :-)

2nd Jul 2002, 19:41
Yeah, I get the delay on the Alt-Tab as well. Just be at the menu when you leave to avoid graphics problems. And I don't have a spare computer handy like some people. ;)

One of the script info pages has a list of illness counts - but I'm not sure if there is a way to see if a particular peep is ill. Try going right to the end (lshift-tab a lot) - eventually u get various displays of peeps heath, hunger, tiredness and all other requirements above their head. MayB one of them has a display of illness? Might be worth a check.

Other than that - I'm outta help for today.

Pinky the Cow
4th Jul 2002, 05:49
Lol, guys! To check whether peep has anything he can state as a need of medical attention (if no fights have taken place then it's sickness) you need to right-click him and then left-click a green cross. Depending on his state he'll answer in an easily decipherable way: either "nope", or "well, sorta", or "yes, please". Clicking other icons ask him about other aspects of satisfiable requests (nourishment, need for love, "why does his soul feels so bad" and so on).

4th Jul 2002, 07:34
But when you have send in one guy with I sickness and quickly want's to find him on a crowded mid_deck it takes a long time to switch through all peeps and ask them. With the data just over the head its much easier. That's before they show any sign of the sickness of course.

4th Jul 2002, 10:54

This "floating info" in the script info tells u a VALUE. Eg, 5805 health. And takes just a second to read. The "moderate Illness" goes from 3000 to 6000. Are they at 3001? or maybe 5999?

This way is more accurate.

Although I don't recommend using it in a crowded station - it gets *very* confusing. Best used while paused and when debugging . . .

Also Pinky - the info u mention doesn't tell u if they have an illness or are just hurt. Niether does what I mention . . . but if you look at the scriptinfo one you can see the health counting down . . . if it's going faster than evreyone elses - get them to sickbay! ;)

4th Jul 2002, 12:07
I have fiddled a little with this file but no one of my changes apply.
The reason is that I want only the Gem_slug to eat foodbased "food" and all other races can eat what ever they want (except food). So I did a few changes in:
for food

for energy

To make it easier for me to spot I only changed "mind" to 500 for food and -100 for energy and Dine-o-mat to only serve food and waited for my forts victim (only gem_slug arrives at the port).
He eats the food based stuff and mind drops 250 (set in the missions/00/).

Have I missed something?

Is there any trick?

I modified the "moods inEXAMPLE.txt" that follows with the Mod guide after renaming it to "moods in.txt".

Pinky the Cow
5th Jul 2002, 05:09
Actually it's the chep setting which corresponds to food crate servings, the expensive are mineral and the one left is energy.