View Full Version : CM16 crash while loading

5th Feb 2016, 11:24
•Bug description
I'm playing CM16 on my phone. It crashes while loading: on my screen shows 'touch to start' and it doesn't work

•What team you are currently managing
Celta Vigo

•The current in game date
2022? i can't remember exactly

•Device you are playing on
•Galaxy S3 mini

•OS you are playing on

•OS Version currently installed on your device
Android 4.2.2

thanks for your help!


5th Feb 2016, 18:14
Hi a few suggestions which may or may not work, try clearing your cm16 cache or your whole phones cache, also try restarting your phone.

To clear your cm16 cache do the following below.
Go into settings and then into apps and then in the downloaded section scroll till you see cm16, click on it then you will see a cache section and underneath you will see a clear cache button then simply click it and done.

8th Feb 2016, 15:08
Thanks for your quick answer, but unfortunetly it didn't work.
any other suggestions?

20th May 2016, 13:06
Well, its since 5th february that my problem haven't been solved. Now i downloaded the latest version but this ****y program doesnt work. I can play europian championship but club mode no. Will u be so kind do work a little and fined out why this f.cked up program doesnt work?