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5th Feb 2016, 08:35
Since the Devil's event it felt like there were literally no mysterious item drops! Instead players get all the beautiful exotic items that are completely useless since you cannot even use them in the forge and do not give stats. It's just some visual stuff. In my opinion it's totally fine to have some of those exotic items but everytime you update the "drop chances" for example the Devil's/Winter event it feels like mysterious items get 0% drop ratio and exotic take the percentage of the previous mysterious items.
The thing is, you adjusted the bloodvial's drop ratio so we even don't want them to drop anymore cause everyone has more than they ever can spend. Instead everyone that's trying to craft items needs RELIC SHARDS (most people I've spoken to and including myself need them only)! But how to get Relic Shards if you can get up to 15 or 20 (max) after a game at a drop ratio of 3%(I'm not right with this but they are kind of rare)? AND without salvaging mysterious items because the only items that are dropping are exotic (event) items that cannot be salvaged or enchanted (just keep that in mind)!

For me it's been ~4 months when my last mysterious item dropped. It's not only about USING the MI in games, it's about using them to get CRAFTING MATERIALS which was kind of your target when including a forge/crafting system. In addition I can't remember any updates belonging to the forge. So why not making exotic items like the Winter items salvagable? I might speak for myself but they're neither played nor usable in the forge. So they're just wasting space in my inventory.

Any suggetions? Opinions?

5th Feb 2016, 10:26
Upgrading normal items to mysterious was scheduled in August's state of play and then missed the patch and the devs haven't responded about it since.

Customising exotic items was talked about as a possibility for the future. It only makes sense for them to add that feature though. It's really dumb to make us choose between stats and effects when we could have both. Apart from the Rahabim, the forge improvements are the feature I'm most eager for.

I thought they were going to make materials available in the store at one point.

5th Feb 2016, 15:51
no MI drops -> no Relic Shards -> no reforging or enchanting = disadvantage against other players

Really how is it possible, that the devs don´t notice that the WHOLE community don´t get any relic shards anymore?
Last year around spring you fixed the bug with MI booster (after every game you got 1 MI drop)
in less than ->>>24 hrs<<<-.
But fixing a simple variable which is really important and can be gamechanging you just ignore like a boss. I don´t get it.

It makes me angry as an active ESL player....:mad::mad::mad::mad:

5th Feb 2016, 18:02

5th Feb 2016, 19:53
I remember when MI-Booster was still useful. Giving me like 30/month before they nerfed the droprate to like 0,25% or giving you useless fx as op stated. FX for? Giving away position, blocking vision, easier to track deceiver after popping illusions and higher price to recharge. Not to forget the annoying sound most do and how ugly most are. Wanna get deaf? Use molten fx. Glad i almost only have arcane in every setup.