View Full Version : Score Attack is a drag

5th Feb 2016, 08:17
While I think its a great game mode, for people who like to try to get all achievements its a real drag to go for Golden Child. I did enjoy getting all the achivements in Endurance a lot more evn though one or two of them drove me crazy trying!

Anyone else agree?

5th Feb 2016, 15:25
Know what you mean. Some of the levels were fun and easy to get bronze or above in, but there's still have plenty I haven't completed and a couple I haven't even tried.

I keep dying in the Gulag one because I haven't got enough special ammo. (I'm better at stealth than open combat.) Where's a poison arrow when you need one?!

7th Feb 2016, 10:54
I agree: I don't really care for Score Attack. I don't like having to hurry through levels, and in my opinion the combo timer counts down too quickly. Score Attack is sort of fun to try on levels that are very linear with none or few enemies, such as Voice of God, The Prophet's Tomb, or the Ice Ship, but in large, open levels with many enemies it's not that fun. I play mostly Remnant Resistance, Chapter Replay Elite, and Endurance mode.