View Full Version : No fights on the open world

3rd Feb 2016, 18:38
Hi everyone,

I got serious problem on my new FF7 experience. I recently bought it on PS4 and i was so exited to play that legendary game again.
I played the first sequences until arrive at the chocobo's farm (before the Midgar Zolom). I did all the stuff to get the chocobo materia, bought some chocobo's food and tried to find one on the chocobo's steps on the open world. Problem : I can't have any fight on the open world... i walked like 10 min on the whole map, and i never had a single fight. Finally i passed the Midgar Zolom (without fighting it) and the same thing happen on the next map : NO FIGHTS, NEVER. I can t enjoy the experience like this, i like to train my characters and make them grow up, not speed run that game. Anyone got an idea ? should i start again ? is anybody had the same problem ?

4th Feb 2016, 03:09
Maybe you turned the random encounters off by accident? Try pushing L3 and R3 at the same time.

5th Feb 2016, 01:20
Hi Tsuyukiko,

After some research and manipulations i finally found my problem came from this... I was very surprised by this 3 "modes", and i'm not sure if i appreciate or not. I feel it change a lot the game's experience. Anyway, thanks for your help and your answer man !