View Full Version : Early 2016 Transfer Window Update

3rd Feb 2016, 15:38
What's included in the update?

The latest seasonal data up to 1st February 2016

Minor bug fixes

Improved player development and generation

When will the update be released?

We are aiming to release the update simultaneously on iOS and Android by late February.
The update is now available on iOS and Android!

Please note that the above date is an estimate and subject to change without notification. We will try to keep this thread updated with the latest information.

3rd Feb 2016, 20:40
Oh I was hoping for new features as well oh well. Oh btw can we have a career section on the board some of us want it :)

4th Feb 2016, 14:33
When will graham Carey of the mighty Plymouth argyle have the correct position which is AM

7th Feb 2016, 09:20
Please add player number

14th Feb 2016, 02:37
With this seasonal update Leicester City should have a boost in ratings same for Vardy hes been one of the best players this season.
Im not a Leicester fan BTW. just think they deserve a little boost.