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2nd Jul 2002, 06:11
ok this forum is nice , really good but i want to know something i think i saw something about hitman 2 and being able to use remote cameras like placing a camera somewhere and watching it from somewhere else maybe i dreamed it oh well , when is the date this game comes out for xbox , cant wait:eek:

2nd Jul 2002, 15:19
Hitman 2 will hopefully be released near the end of September for PC, so expect an XBOX and PS2 version around that time.

6th Jul 2002, 21:54
Hmmm, maybe thats why the PC version got delayed, Mr Gates wanted his famous XBox to get it at the same time .... just a supposition.

7th Jul 2002, 22:03
A definite possibility.

10th Jul 2002, 00:57
Nope, the consoles have nothing to do with the delay of hitman 2. The game just isn't ready! It would me a huge mistake to release the game in March, couse it sucked, ok!!! I sure hope they will get it ready for September.

Also Commandos will have a sequel next year. YEAH!!!