View Full Version : Does Kurtis remind you of

2nd Jul 2002, 04:53
Charlos in TR1? (the guy who died in the begining of the first level)

2nd Jul 2002, 05:22
Now that you mention it ........Yes.


Quote from a wise Person

Bryce: My ignorance amuses me. My ignorance amuses me?

Lara: Well I've always found your ignorance quite amuseing.

2nd Jul 2002, 06:13
funny, reminds me of one of the Baldwin brothers.


2nd Jul 2002, 16:54
yeah he kinda does!

charlos?? didnt even know that guy had a name...how the heck did u know his name was that mdnut?

i probably missed sumfin in the begining of the game or w/e

2nd Jul 2002, 21:56
I think you missed it in the whatever. ;)

3rd Jul 2002, 02:12
I think i saw it in a booklet or something. (maybe it was the Prima Offical Walkthrough)

I remember alway wishing he would join Lara in her adventure.... Well, like lara, maybe he's alive after an certain death and the cops are chasing him, so he changed his name to Kurtis and is now helping out Lara. :rolleyes: :D