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2nd Jul 2002, 04:38
Just testing my sig..I liked the saving idea from the old thread..i stole the idea.

2nd Jul 2002, 13:02
You......you.....Stole that idea??:mad: :rolleyes: Why.....you........you THIEF!!:p :cool:

2nd Jul 2002, 20:19
Wow..neat idea Apache! :p

By the time I finally get mine done...it's gonna be old news. :( ;) :p

2nd Jul 2002, 23:46
I keep asking someone to tell me how to do that!! Please! Thanks :D

2nd Jul 2002, 23:54
Hi Hawklette--it's nice to see you made it over here!! You put a picture into your sig using the vB code just the way you would put it into a post. Except that in the signature entry field, there are no helpful buttons & pull-down menus like there are in the posting screen. You have to type the tags in yourself.

2nd Jul 2002, 23:55
Hawklette, just find you last post at the old place, press Alt-Print Screen (This will take a "snapshot" of the current open window), open up your favorite photo editor (even MS Paint will work :D) paste, and cut out the part you want.

To let us all see it, you will need to upload your pic to a webserver somewhere and link to it.

Thorin Oakenshield
2nd Jul 2002, 23:57
Hawklette: I use my brinkster webspace to host my pics.

3rd Jul 2002, 04:58
test 1 2 3

3rd Jul 2002, 05:03
I just noticed that I posted 491 times in over 2 yrs. That is 1.67 posts per day. I already have that beat..woohoo I just may hit 500 before Thief 3 comes out..I wouldn't hold your breath thou..
Opinion ..Is my sig picture to big?
I just resized it again to get within the allowed size.
"Please note that signatures must be no larger than 150 pixels high x 450 pixels wide and have a file size no greater than 30KB."
mine is 75x450 and 10.8K