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31st Jan 2016, 15:09
I'm loving this game, so this is more of a minor annoyance, maybe some dev will see it for a future patch.

This has really become a huge "problem" for me in the end of the game (70% and forward).

I try to mine for chromite ore, but i have 40 magnesite ore so i cant mine stuff = everytime i see a vein i have to shoot a grenade and craft a new one (to use 4 magnesite) then i can mine.

I'm trying to get hides, but whenever i kill a stag i cant loot it cos i have 20 antlers.

Etc etc etc...

It would make sense to be able to loot the parts you actually HAVE a use for.

It's like finding a 100 dollar bill AND a 1 cent coin on the street and not picking up the 100 dollar bill cos your wallet doesnt have a coin compartment, or in other words, IT MAKES NO DAMN SENSE :D

Like i said, not gamebreaking, but so annoying.

31st Jan 2016, 19:11
Instead of wasting what you have, I'd suggest leaving the items you can't pick up behind -- much like ammo in Anniversary -- so you can go back and collect them in the future. There's no reason not to do what you're doing right now tbh, but the DLC outfits require crafting and they're rather on the expensive side. I had to run quite a distance to gather enough ore to craft the latest one, for instance...

Several resources can be looted from dead enemies, but I'm not sure if all of them (ie ore).

31st Jan 2016, 19:37
Hi, there!

You could try getting hide from female deer, wolves and rabbits.
Can you craft some inventory, outfits or weapons that'll use the the things you have too much of?

31st Jan 2016, 23:24
Have you tried increasing the size of your satchel? Go into the campfire and craft stuff. that way you will use up your resources and make room. I must admit that not being able to loot a certain resource didn't appear to hinder my gameplay at all.

2nd Feb 2016, 09:35
Tecstar70 has made a really good point. It wasn't until I played the game through a second time I realised how useful building up the inventory was and I prioritised it over upgrading weapons sometimes. One of my fave bits of kit in the game is the Siberian ranger outfit, which allows you to carry extra special ammo, like fire arrows and poison arrows, but I couldn't collect enough resources to craft it until I'd made some of the inventory items which allowed me to carry more resources. (E.g I need 35 bits of cloth, but I was maxed out at 30 until I'd made a bit of kit - can't remember which now!)

11th Feb 2016, 12:18
What is this talk about crafting outfits? I've put hundreds of hours into the game and have never had to craft a single outfit. There are just there. Maybe it's because I bought the season pass.