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Chapter I:Scenery of Dragonia Prime

Dragonia Prime is a small Earth sized planet in the far away Nova system with it's moon Veea'He'Le'Re (Vee-Uh-Hey-Ley-Rey), tucked away in the fifth galactic arm, the opposite direction of most civilizations (All but the Tradarians and Arctannians). After a thousand years of peace and prosperity, it is considered a very nice place to live by many standered.

Dragonia Prime is a city planet. However, that does not mean it's oceans are gone. In fact, everything but the oceans are gone (Not to mention the only thing that the natural life on Dragonia Prime has lived on). Other then that, it's all city, usually and average three kilometer high buildings. The areas of the planet are devided up into sections. The first kilometer is the industrial area. Where synthetic food is created and heavy/light goods are produced. The second kilometer is the commercial area, where most of the traffic is (Not to mention bright lights). The third kilometer is the residental area, where people live. Usually, the third kilometer has gardens on the tops of buildings, which was a mandatory ordinance intacted after ten/elevenths of the planet turned city.

If you visit Dragonia Prime, expect rainforest tempeture and rainfall. The planet's sewers are constantly troubled by the rainfall and usually dump it into the three oceans. The biggest is the Ara'Al (A-Ra-Uhl), the second is the Arg'Al (Arg-Uhl), and the smallest (But still large) is the Gra'Al (Gra-Uhl). All with natural life intact. If you were to take a tour though, you would see underwater labs, cities, and resorts. Which still do not disturb the natural scenery of Dragonia Prime's oceans.

In space is a giant orbital station, circiling the entire planet's equator. It's usually called by its Dragonian name, Veea'La. It is the center of trade in the fifth arm of the galaxy and has been for it's whole one hundred years of service. Of which the first fifty, it was not complete. It is also the home of the famed Imperial Shipyards (R), which have built such ships as the Falcon's Talon and the Red Demon.

Chapter II:Industry on the Prime

Dragonia Prime is known for it's persicion ship building. From huge trade ships to the attack ships of the Dragonian Navy, Dragonia Prime has built ship for five hundred years now. Most of which are built on the equatorial station. Besides ships, Dragonia Prime is the only producer of Mecha. Mech are three story tall manned robots. Most are bipedal and look like humans, but some are quadrapedal. The Mecha is the only land assualt vehicle used in Dragonia at the moment. The Mecha is always in high demand when Dragonia decides to sell new plans (Which in it's case is exetremely rare).

Suprisingly, Dragonia is also a big seller in the bio-engineered pet market. This is probally due to the fact that the birds you would see flying around in Dragonia Prime's skyline are infact bio-engineered creatures. Most being Repto-Avians, not true birds. They also claim to make the first "White-Memau". Which is a memau in the color of white that does not eat trash and transform into a Skrasher, they have recently sold big. However:They are not sold on Space Stations, they cannot breath the toxic to them but not to us air on it.

On Dragonia Prime's poles are huge industrial cities powered by the huge magnetic mantles of the poles. Even in the extreme cold, the poles produce the most military, light, and medium industry in the solar system of Nova. In fact, more then most modern day planets.

If you were to buy something on Dragonia Prime, you would use an Imperial Credit. Of which is equal to 1 E at the current exchange rate. Dragonia Prime has very housing, food, and entertaiment prices even though it has a bustiling population of 100 billion at the current moment. One million of which are Dragonian.

Chapter III:The People on Prime

Dragonians are lizard like creatures with wings on their back, talons on their fingers and apposable thumb, huge talons on their feet, and horns on their face. They rarely fight, but instead participate in politics. In fact, there is a caste, the elder caste, completely dedicated to this. Dragonians have been hunted to a meager population of one million because of their medical and healing properties.

Instead of mostly Dragonians populating Dragonia, there is Terrans. They however, are survivors of the destruction of Earth. They usually are the pilots of Mecha, members of a ship, or captains of a ship, in the Dragonian Imperial Army and Navy.

Each ten years, a new Council Elder is elected. But they do not rule the country, infact, there is no Dragonian Empire. It is really a large collection of city states that produce different products and adjust their own prices. This system was based on the Tradarian Free City State System. However, most laws are similar except on other Dragonian governed planets.

If you had free time in Dragonia, you could see a council debate in action at the Dragonian Imperial Elder Council. Or, go to the giant themepark at the equator, Dragon Land. There are also many zoos and aquariums on Dragonia Prime. And not to mention the Dragonian Imperial Museum of Natural History and Science, one of the biggest in the world (And required for all Dragonians on Dragonia Prime to see one day of their life during schooling).

Chapter IV:Information on Prime's Moon

Dragonia Prime's moon, Veea'He'Le'Re, is probally the most populated moon in the galaxy. It is classified as a city moon and has been that ever since. It has buildings two kilometers high on average, and it is a bustiling trade stop before landing on Prime itself. This is where most low gravity persicion products are made. The parts for the Red Demon and the giant axle schorcher laser for the Falcon's Talon were made here. Veea'He'Le'Re is a very developed moon with a population similar to Dragonia Prime's.

Chapter V:General Information on Prime

Capital:Dragonia Imperial City

Language:Old Dragonian, Basic Dragonia, Galactic Basic

Moon: 100,503,035,000

Ancient Dragonian Meanings:
La=Space Station
Sha'Re'Hav=Grand Elder
Ah'Ven=Not from here, or alien.

Chapter VI:Cities of Prime
Dragonia Imperial City (Vee'Re'Sla):

The Dragonia Imperial City, or Vee'Re'Sla in ancient Dragonian, is a great city spannin a ten mile diameter. In the center, lies the Imperial Complex. Which holds the Senetorial Hotel, the Imperial Palace, and the Dragonian Imperial Elder Council Building, the largest building in the galaxy (Not to mention the building with the largest one room interior). Underneath the citie's towers, lies millions of buried Dragonians, dating back from a million years ago. According to archeoligists, Dragonia Imperial City used to be a ancient cathedral that fell in a vicious battle at one point. The Dragonians, honoring the brave brothers and sisters that fought there, bury their dead there from this date. There is even a burial complex on the first ten floors of the city, even a museum and holo movie showing the years the cathedral participated in battle. Dragonia Imperial City is the most populated city in Dragonia Prime, it is also the oldest. It is never seen without heavy air traffic and lots of parks. The parks of which, were constructed by a fund by the Inter-Galactic Karmarama Park Organization (R), which raised several billion credits to build a park on top of every residental building's roof in the whole entire planet. The tops of buildings now look like a much taller and steeper version of the humans' Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


The second biggest city in Prime, Shen'Claw is full of history. Whether you want to see the Dragonian Imperial Museum of Natural History and Science or the traditional (Not to mention stylish) inns. Shen'Claw is also known as "History Village". There is a lot of history to it in fact. It was originaly the first capital of prime until the citification, and it was also home to the first spaceship launch in Dragonian history. It is litered with flying tourists shops and holo video stores. Shen'Claw is also known for the unique archutecture of the buildings, which hold many statues of ancient Dragonian elders and officials on the tops and entrances to most places.

Dragonia's Peace (Veea'Arg):

Home to many arcades and the huge Dragon Land Theme Park, Dragonia's Peace, or Veea'Arg, is a large tourist based city with a lot of traffic and a lot of high speed performance rollar coasters. Many people go to visit the longest and voted best coaster in the galaxy, "The Interstellar Adventure", which is covered by black, electric, holographic glass to make special effects on every corner of the ride. There are also many Hyper Tag and Mecha Simulation games in the Arcade sections, no to mention the most enjoyable sport in the galaxy, robot gladitorial fights. There is even a huge, size changing, arena just for that one sport. Teams compete in the competetive sport of building their own robot then sending it off to destroy their competetor, disable it, or score enough hits until time runs out. There is also a few theme parks like Dragon Land on Veea'He'Le'Re, Arctannia, Polkav, Nova Meta, and one slated for construction on Aurora (Where the lone JSWY lives).

Chapter VII:Veea'He'Le'Re and Her Capital
Veea'He'Le'Re is, as you read, the city moon that orbits Prime. It's history is filled with many large Dragonian ships and trade route openings. In fact, the Fifth Galactic Arm Trade Route was founded on Veea'He'Le'Re. It's capital is Red City, or Hre'Crla in ancient Dragonian. The city is filled with many trade offices and space ports, not to mention the home of the Imperial Shipyard's offices as well. Hre'Crla is very large in population, and has a lot of robotic machinery constantly repairing the tall buildings for air leaks.

Ending Note:

Dragonia Prime is Utopia for most people (And Aliens). Not only is it an excellent vacationing spot, it is home to it's tens of billions of residents who share the third highest capita per income and standard of living in the entire Galaxy. Right next to Arctannia and Polkav I.

"Not only will its beautiful sunsets, breath-taking skyscraper parks, and first class recreational facilities keep you there, they'll keep generations there."-Vee'Las, Prime Minister of the Grey Council, Galactic Standard 3059.


Nova:1.The process in which a star collapses on itself and explodes, throwing all the gasses off of its solid core, leaving it dead for billions of years until the core eventually turns into a black dwarf and/or turns into a black hole. 2.The Dragonian System in the Fifth Galactic Arm. Contains two stars and fifteen planets. Including seventy moons of various sizes, and a large, dense, asteroid belt.
Tradarians-Semi-Insectoid race from Tradaria, in the Fifth Galactic Arm.
Arctannians-Strong, humanoid race from Arctannia, in the Fifth Galactic Arm.
Repto-Avians-Also known as Reptavians, these are a cross between a Bird and a Lizard. In fact, they are known as Dinosaurs on the planet Earth.
Imperial Credit-An electric form of currency, used by the citizens in the Fifth Galactic Arm.
Ancient Dragonian-A Dragonian form of language that uses symbols as words. Very similar to the Terrans' Japanese and Chinese. Most words are unpronouncable except to Dragonians.
Basic Dragonian-A Dragonian Form of language that is used to teach Dragonians Ancient Dragonian. Used in in-formal occasions.

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