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29th Jan 2016, 11:45
My inventory became quite big over the years and i'd like to keep the items.
When you play a game you can pick weapons, and sometimes there isn't enough time
to pick the right weapon if you have 70 for that class.
Of course you can put a nametag on some weapons, but the problem is that all weapons are scramled
in the list when you have to choose one. So all weapons and abilities are listed on purchase/obtain
date, oldest on top.

So i'd like a new inventory storage feature where i can dump all repeaters for instance that i dont want to use ingame.
Just with a small button on the weapon or ability so you can save it in storage.

Also in the weapon loadout screen when you are dead, a menu for repeater wich holds all repeaters
that are not in storage would be be handy.
Then you'd only see the 4 menus for all the hunter weapons with a submenu when you click it.
This makes it easier to pick the right weapon.

I think this is much more convenient than the current scrambled list of weapons/abilities,
and i really hope this can be implemented soon.

29th Jan 2016, 16:43
I made the same suggestion long time ago, not for inventory browsing reasons, but for the armory loading times / microlags people were getting from huge inventories. Would be great to store all those FX this and FX that weapons and what not in a storage/vault that doesn't get loaded with the game, unless you move them back into your inventory.

29th Jan 2016, 18:27
Yes, some kind of inventory management options (like, folders or something) and more loadout slots are becoming really needed.

30th Jan 2016, 09:56
Also: Mass delete and an Expired sorting tab.