View Full Version : Hi ya Vlek...yea...being a Spectater right now is...

2nd Jul 2002, 00:31
good enough until I get more familiar with gameplay and maps as well as goodie locations. Very important to be a successful Thief...since the Guards seem to have the upper hand right now. Boy your new nick is a mouthfull...let alone try to spell :D Glad to have to come aboard and welcome to our Guild :) I hope I'll be able to watch a little again tonight but not sure. I have PDST where I live...what's the diff in time where you are and when do you usually try to play? Ta and Good Hunting! :cool:

2nd Jul 2002, 01:26
i'm GMT. Its 9:24 pm right now. I usually just play when I feel like it or have nothing else to do. Yeah your right about knowing where the stuff is I still have trouble finding the way out of levels lol. And the guards do have the upper hand in strength but thieves have lots of nifty equipment and can go completely invicible. *hidden descretey in post* whats a taffer? and why did some guy yell at me for killing him when I attacked the shadow he walked in and circled as he circled me?