View Full Version : Final Fantasy VII on Andriod is this even happening as told at E3

27th Jan 2016, 15:14
Just wonder if FFVII for Android is ever going to happen in the near future ? Did iOS pay you enough money to keep it off the Android market that you won't have loyal customers to the brand have the ability to play it unless we switch to iPhones?? Guess like so many others this is very disappointing ..... Especially with no news or follow-up anywhere about when or if it is happening..

28th Jan 2016, 06:45
Apple really would never pay to have an exclusive game.
I heard the actual reason is that this is a port from PC and due to technical difficulties it was easier for them to port it to iOS version 8. The game doesn't work on iOS 7 or earlier.
You can see that Dragon Quest VIII, a more graphically demanding game, runs well on iOS 6 and Android. That's because it's properly optimized for mobile.
Games could run on weaker devices or operating systems if more work was put on the porting process to optimize them for more devices.
FF7 iOS port doesn't even use the touchscreen for menus or anything other than the virtual gamepad mapping. In terms of controls and proper touchscreen usage, it is probably the worst they released so far.