View Full Version : What is "vB Code - Enhanced Mode"?

1st Jul 2002, 22:27
When opening a new thread or posting a reply, in the rightside frame are radio buttons to select between normal and enhanced vB Code modes. I've read the FAQ and went to the link page for vB codes but I don't see and definition of what is the difference between these mode. When I switch between normal and enhanced vB Code modes, nothing happens (i.e., I see no change). Is this something that has to be enabled and we just don't have enhanced vB Code mode available for the Thief forums?

The only change that I have noticed is in the text status line (just under the formatting toolbar buttons). When I hover over the enhanced vB Code mode, it says, "Enhanced mode: allows complex nesting of tags." Will using normal mode affect my use of manually inserting HTML tags in the message?

Grey Mouser
1st Jul 2002, 22:39
According to the vBulletin developers:

"Normal -- does all work via a popup text box. There fore it's not easy to put in more than one line of text or nest tags (at least not automatically.

Enhance -- simply inserts the opening tag. You then type what you want and click a close tag button. Allows for multiple line bbcode parsed sections (like for code or a quote) and easy nesting of tags."

1st Jul 2002, 23:13
Ah, now I now know what those Close current tag" and "Close all tags" buttons are for. Too bad I can't made the enhanced option to stick, but then I find the toolbar a bit clumsy for entering HTML tags and will probably continue to do most of them manually. The toolbar buttons actually are toggles (but they're buttons don't stay stuck in when the start tag has been inserted).

Thanks for the reply.