View Full Version : We didn't get a Promotion-Code (PS4)

25th Jan 2016, 11:41
I'm not sure if this topic was already discussed but here are my problems:

Problem 1: My sister bought FFXIV: A realm reborn in the Play Station Network Shop. She downloaded it and after this we tried to login. Of course we needed a Promotion-Code for this but we didn't got any!
We checked all e-mail adresses and we also linked our PS-Account to the E-Mail Accounts! We also sign in here but still, we didn't got
any! Can somebody please tell me we get the Promotion-Code!

Problem 2: As I said above, my sister downloaded the Game with her PS-Account. So this Game was actually for me so is it possible that I can play it? Because I think the Code and the Game is now linked to her account and not to mine! So that I have to buy the Game again and get a different code to play it.

Problem 3: Do you think we can return the game and get our money back? I read a few threads and some said yes, some no.

Please help! us! We tried everything possible now and it still does not work!
Thanks a lot!