View Full Version : Speed up FF7 on something other than PS4?

24th Jan 2016, 23:29
I understand that on PS4 there is an option to play FF7 sped up, and that's awesome. My issue is that I don't have a PS4. I have a gaming computer, and the original PS3 (the 60 gig one that's backwards compatible). I don't plan on purchasing a PS4 anytime soon, so is there another platform that allows me to play FF7 sped up?

25th Jan 2016, 12:16
I cannot answer that sorry, but a very important issue I have noticed with the 3x speed cheat on FFVII PS4, is that if I toggle the cheat on for a while then turn it off, The game speed goes in a very slow sluggish speed/framerate. I hope Square fixes this bug.