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1st Jul 2002, 22:20
I probably saw this someplace else, the answer that is, But can you/me/a Dromedeer, Construct an entire layout and then set the rooms for the sound function.

Or must you do the sound Brush for each one as you finish.

1st Jul 2002, 23:22
Do your room brushing at the end, after you've done most everything else. You can have problems if do roombrushing all along, and it can be a real pain if you want to do automaps later.

It's best to do rooms and automaps at the same time, at the end of building, with one large temp room brush to hear sounds while building your mission.

2nd Jul 2002, 02:49
Thanks. I thought that was the best way to do it, but decided to ask just in case.

2nd Jul 2002, 06:47
I do it all along just because I want to test parts and HEAR something! But I sometimes end up redoing it all at the end anyway :)

2nd Jul 2002, 06:51
Use the hierachy, so that you have a 'town' room brush type and under that a 'streets' room brush type and a 'houses' room brush type, and then you can create a room brush type for each house, and each area in each house.

There are two alternatives:
a) Plan ahead, and chose which areas your auto map will have, then create the room brush types before you make your first air brush.
b) Create your room brush types as you go along. As you create a new house, you just add a new room brush type under 'houses', and use your new room brush type to room brush the new house. When you are finished, you can decide how detailed your auto map should be, and assign different sections of your auto map to a certain room brush types, and all room brush types below it will inherit it.

Look at some OMs to see how they did it, RTC is a good one.

I would recommend room brushing as you go along, because otherwise you cannot really do ongoing in game testing as your mission develops.

2nd Jul 2002, 17:24
Aren't room brushes critical sometimes?

I had placed them early in my very first mission attempt (one of the never finished, hehe...), and then I had suddenly serious sound problems after a while... like soundsteps of a frog (there was a frog in the basement) following me.

I also read in Komag's tutorial that it is important to select air brushes when going into game mode; and that is something that I notoriously forget. And I think that having a room brush selected when going into the game mode may be definitely a problem.

... :D I really like my new postcount.

And finally the registration/activation worked too. :)

3rd Jul 2002, 19:38
You know, I've been wondering about the same thing. I always brush my rooms in series. (Like my recent one has a cave, then street, and houses) But recently, one of my brushes just stopped working - there's no sound at all. And none of my brushes work for Garrett's footsteps unless I jump first, which I thought was odd (I still hear the guards and everything, though). So, maybe the reason is because I'm brushing too soon.


4th Jul 2002, 11:56
There can be strange interactions if room brushes overlap too much.

10th Jul 2002, 15:38
Incremental room brushing as you build the mission is generally a good idea. Improperly overlapping room brushes can cause sound problems, and it's best to detect and fix these problems earlier (rather than later when you're more pressed to release the mission).