View Full Version : Just finished Sleeping Dogs the definitive edition...

21st Jan 2016, 23:10
What a story, what a game...
Years went by and my friends talked about this game from the very beginning. Somehow I never got to it.
Last week I bought The Definitive Edition for 5 euro's... Now that it's on the PS4, let's give it a try I said to myself.

Well... Here I am, registered an account just to tell everybody that will read this and maybe the Square-Enix staff what a wonderful game they produced. Seriously, I don't do this stuff often. I've been playing videogames since back in the NES day's. Sleeping Dogs now belongs to my top 10 of most memorable games ever.

Thank you Square-Enix! I never should have doubted you...

22nd Jan 2016, 14:23
Glad to see someone new join the fold and happy that you enjoyed the game! :)

1st Feb 2016, 21:10
U just finished, I just got started lol; finally got around to picking up the DE after all this time. It's noticeably cleaner than the 360 version, textures & stuff, tho more fog (especially at nite). Deffo more traffic, & I guess more pedestrians, tho that's less immediately noticeable (unless u stand still for a while/jog around slowly). Also thought I noticed people on balconies that weren't there in the og, like outside the 1st safe house, as well as maybe a bit more hanging laundry.

Foliage seems to have been improved a good deal, both quality & quantity; closer to rl. Still not exact, like driving up towards Victoria Peak, not highly convincing. Oddly enuff, the best HK-style foliage I've seen to date is in an old X360 game called Project Gotham Racing 4, in Macau (which for those who might not know is in the same neck of the woods as HK). Tropical trees w/ vines, more lush, "hot weather" feel; SD actually feels kinda...dry by comparison. But like I said, it's been improved from the og (speaking of VP, additions to the "pic" repping Central below were a nice add ;) even tho VP remains arguably the most disappointing depiction/interpretation in the entire game...)

Wei's walking & other animations seem smoother, car handling is a touch more...solid? Tho still on the simplistic side (by comparison, another Squenix game, Just Cause 3, has imo surprisingly ok, nuanced car handling...depending on the car ofc :p). & Deffo draw distance has been improved greatly, the skyline looks better. Tho I was disappointed on arriving at Zodiac Island, expecting a wondrous vista of Central...only to find u'd "fogged out" the view :(

Overall tho, changes to lighting & palette, everything else they did, makes for a more convincing environment. After visiting HK, ofc I took SD 360 for a spin to compare w/ my fresh memories, & I remember going, "I dunno, sumthin feels a bit off :scratch:". After I picked up DE on PS4, it quickly struck me as being truer to life; just felt a bit more like HK, walking & driving around. GJ & TY :D (tho I still wonder y u couldn't make it 60fps, was it that difficult? R PS4 & X1 really so weak? :hmm:)

Oh, & still haven't confirmed wether we can replay dlc, haven't gotten to that pt. yet. Also wish 1 or 2 things had been added, like...rideable 2-deck Tram or Star Ferry, or Victoria Peak Tram. Just think it woulda been such a neat lil addition for DE buyers :whistle: :D

12th Mar 2016, 15:59
Congrats bro , yep sleeping dogs is amazing