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1st Jul 2002, 21:06
I had a sinking feeling when I read his "goodbye" thread over at the old board.....now I notice he's no longer a mod here......

Clayman...your not leaving us are you? :(

Don't make me taff your inbox! ;)

Grey Mouser
1st Jul 2002, 21:08
Clayman has decided to resign his post as a Moderator for the Thief forums. From communications with him I understand that he has other things in his life that need his attention, and I respectfully thank him for his efforts during the past two years.

1st Jul 2002, 21:13
I'm sure he hasn't ultimately left us for good I should think...even though being a moderator takes a lot of personal time, I would think he'll still stop in for a chat or two...don't cha think so too?

Yes, I would also like to add my thanks over here for his past contributions in that mode but look forward to still see his "cutting" and "funny" remarks to us Taffers here and there! :) Ta and Good Hunting clayman!

1st Jul 2002, 21:53
I also wish to thank Clayman for the great job he’s done as a moderator, it’s a hard job I’m sure. I wish him luck in what ever he’s doing now, BUT he’s still going to post here isn’t he? I hope so it’d be sad if he didn’t!:(

1st Jul 2002, 22:55
That's sad news! I hope he still has time to come by to visit and to play Thief. :)

1st Jul 2002, 23:03
I can't imagine this board without Clayman. I'm sure he'll be back eventually when he has time for the forum again. We miss you, Clayman!

1st Jul 2002, 23:07
*RL* has called many of us lately. We understand, yet we shall miss you Clayman. :\
I too hope you will be back soon, to share your wit and wisdom with us once again. Wish you all the best for your RL.

1st Jul 2002, 23:49
I too wish you well in whatever may be taking up your time. I do hope that you come and visit. As I know from personal experience, you can't leave this place forever. They even tried to move it on me, and I still found my way back :D

2nd Jul 2002, 00:02
Cannot access the new forum. Wrong password, I guess I need it reset....unquote

So there...see I knew he wouldn't leave, leave...just wasn't able to moderate anymore :D Na na na ha :p LOL

2nd Jul 2002, 02:57
I also would like to thank clayman for years of fun and friendship.:)

I received a communication from clayman. He was a little vague about his future involvement, but my impression was that he would be a less frequent visitor but not disappear entirely. I imagine that we will have quite a few "Elvis sightings" until he finally does show up. :)

2nd Jul 2002, 03:42
Oh that damn clayman, leaving us and all. He will be back, oh yes he'll be back.

2nd Jul 2002, 03:50
Damn! What do I do now? I brought 3 cases of Clay birds for him to practice on. I even got a new double pigeon thrower.

And I'll miss those, always endearing. Fire arrow enemas we all know and love.
Do come back and visit Clayman

2nd Jul 2002, 10:44
Originally posted by Peter Smith
I also would like to thank clayman for years of fun and friendship.:)

I received a communication from clayman. He was a little vague about his future involvement, but my impression was that he would be a less frequent visitor but not disappear entirely. I imagine that we will have quite a few "Elvis sightings" until he finally does show up. :)

I saw Clayman just a couple of days ago. I was very surprised. I recognized him from the album. He was asking someone if they wanted fries with that.

2nd Jul 2002, 22:34
I saw Clayman the other day too on TV! "He can jump into any book, his pony pal pokey can too", hmmmm, maybe it was Gumbie!

Thorin Oakenshield
3rd Jul 2002, 00:03
Bye Clayman:( Until next time ;)

3rd Jul 2002, 18:25
clayman, I’m sorry to hear that you will not be moderating the forum anymore. I can understand your need to devote your attention elsewhere. I do hope you will still be posting here; it won’t be the same without you. Many times I have read posts that said the original Thief forum was one of the friendliest forums on the internet. If I had to choose one individual (and I know there are many) to credit this to, it would be you. As a founding member, then a mod, you have devoted three years and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours promoting Thief, creating new styles of play, hanging out the welcome sign to newbies and oldies alike, keeping peace amongst the members, writing positive commentaries on OMs and FMs, etc. Let’s face it, you’ve done a lot for Eidos and the Thief series and we thank you.

I know mods do not receive any pay for their time, as it is for the love of the game and the community that they volunteer their services. I would hope that a mod would at least receive a free thief hat or t-shirt. However, I’ve been thinking of bat-mite and the forum he moderates for Nocturnal. He mentioned that the moderators are going to be NPCs in Nocturnal 2. I would like to see some form of recognition to you, the other mods, and GM in T3. You guys are the ones that make this a wonderful place to visit. Eidos’ marketing department has benefitted greatly off your selfless devotion to Thief and it’s only just for Eidos to recognize your service. I'm sure Eidos has a bit of influence over IonStorm and T3.

If anybody else agrees, I’d certainly like to hear it. Perhaps someone could start a poll.

Whatz His Name
3rd Jul 2002, 18:36
Clayman.... as a show of appreciation for the many hours you devoted to the forum.... we award you this, The Medal of the Swift Hand.


The Medal of the Swift Hand is one of the highest medals a thief could be awarded. We believe that the medal was well deserved and hope that you look upon it with fondness.

<small>You may want to keep a close eye on it until you get far enough away from some of these Taffers.</small>:D

3rd Jul 2002, 20:17
He'll be back when Thief 3 comes out and he's stuck in a closet somewhere.

Then its the Iron Claw for deserting us!!! ;)

4th Jul 2002, 03:30

4th Jul 2002, 06:37
I see you have the clayman practicing for T3 with his shadow fighting ;) Boy, that's gonna be a kicker...now we have to start worring about casting shadows in addition to everything else :eek: LOL Ta and Good Hunting!

5th Jul 2002, 16:24
Sorry to hear that "alternative life" has intervened, but I'm sure you will be popping in once in a while to taff us...Or will you be in http://bluntedtaffer.50megs.com/ghost.gif mode from now on? ;)

7th Jul 2002, 09:45
He'll be back.
They always come back.

8th Jul 2002, 06:58
Actually, he just posted over at the old forum, which is still running as of 3 am Eastern time. I've got the feeling he's 'ghosting' this forum... clayman, you out there?


9th Jul 2002, 00:53
I'm back, after a couple of weeks of rudely intervening real life. Part of the reason for my absence was also technical, as I could not get the ol' username clayman to behave properly.....I nearly became a shapeshifter in desperation, which would have surely drawn the biblical wrath of Peter Smith. Thanks all for the well wishes and all the positive thoughts and emails, on both forums. They helped bunches, in ways you wouldn't know.

I'll be here as much as RL permits.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments above, especially Northren's and What's His Name's, which made me blush and wish for a shrub to hide behind, for fear that someone passing by would see me, rush up and ask me to immediately run for public office. ;)


9th Jul 2002, 01:29
:D ;)

9th Jul 2002, 02:45
Whats this? The one night I decide to work late...and thats when clayman pays us a visit! ;)

Good to see you again Clayman....even if I didn't really "see" ya! :) :p

9th Jul 2002, 03:45
Heh-hey, welcome back.

9th Jul 2002, 07:31
LOL, clayman.:) Very few shape shifters could successfully masquerade as you, so I think you would have been safe from the biblical wrath. Glad you finally got your identity back and paid us a visit.

10th Jul 2002, 05:37
Hi clayman,

So glad to see you stopped in to say hello. :D