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19th Jan 2016, 18:11

I'd quite like to put a team together. Played in groups a lot over the last season (this seems to be the sensible way to go) and have been enjoying it, particularly with the new commands etc. I have 700 + hours on Nosgoth, and although not the best player, am fairly decent. It would be good to have some tactics and stuff to try out, as having battered away at Nosgoth for so long, this has started to interest me more.

Classes I normally play: Tyrant, Deceiver, Prophet and Alch

Favourite map: Provance

Things I don't like: People giving other people a hard time and rant on about "noob this" and "hack that"

I would be good to have a group of people who can alternate, cos I sometimes like to drop in and out of the game. Also I have a crazy work-life balance going on.

Anywho get in touch!


20th Jan 2016, 10:21
I'm solo player, soloed every league since 1rst beta. If u want to play, link ur acc atleast, cuz u are not a single "Cloque" on steam

27th Jan 2016, 22:17