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1st Jul 2002, 20:33
*It is a cold, wet rainy afternoon in Paris. Lara's country mansion looms against the dark, grey storm clouds*
*Many of Lara's close personal friends begin to arrive on this rainy afternoon, upon hearing that she has fallen deathly ill*
*Many suspect that she may not live through the night*
*"We can only hold out hope that she will live"*
*One by one her friends arrive*
*They are greeted by Winston. He seems to be in a turmoil. For the past days, he has sat by Lara's bedside, slowly watching her fade*
*" I thought I would never outlive her." he tells one of the guests*
*"Don't say that, she may get well. Hope Winston! Always hope for the best"*
*A light rumble of thunder shakes the house*
*Suddenly, a loud commotion is heard from Lara's bedroom. The guests begin to rush up to her room*
*When they arrive, they see that Lara is gone!*
*The windows on her terrace have been broken. It looks as though a struggle took place*
*Lying on the bed is a note, it reads, "WE HAVE COME TO TAKE LARA TO A BETTER PLACE.''*
*Many of the guests wonder what that could possibly mean*
*I wander out onto the terrace, the wood is soaked through from the rain that, after many years is beginning to rot the wood. Hanging from the side of the wet stone wall is a rope ladder*
*"They must have come from the roof." I say*
*Myself and _______ (three other guests) climb up the rope*
*When we reach the top of the roof we see.........*

1st Jul 2002, 21:03
...Three people dressed in black clothing, guns out, fiercely firing at a figure on the roof of another building, and Lara, lying on the roof, fiddling with her gun, trying to reload it. The figure yells out "Lara, behind you!!!" A fourth person stands behind Lara with a crowbar, ready to knock her out. The figure's warning was the only thing that could've saved her, since lara moved as soon as the crowbar hit where she used to be. Lightning cracked, and the figure shot, killing the fourth figure instantly. The four guests stood in amazement, (Aquarius, Chronicles5, ____________, ________) Petrified by the intensity of the battle, they could not move without fear of a misfired gun. Lighning struck again, and Lara sprung into action (as much action as she could in her weakened state) and...

1st Jul 2002, 22:00
Jumped at one of the cloaked figures....Not knowing what to do Chronicles5,Aquariusme and(_______)....stare bewildered at how much strength lara has at her weakend state.....

*Let's do something!!!* I say

*no wait look/ Chronicles5 points at the other side of the hedge to see........

THE True Lara
1st Jul 2002, 22:11
*Arrives at door soaking wet, and is greated by Jeeves*
*"Bonjour monsieur", I say, "J'ai voudrais une pain au chocolate s'il vous plait!" and grin broadly.*
*Notice gun play is already in prgress, and sensing a repeat of previous gatherings, "Oh, I'm soo sorry, I thought this was the brassiere'", and turn to leave.*

1st Jul 2002, 22:12
...another cloaked figure, who emerges from the shadows as lighning strikes! he lunges and...

THE True Lara
1st Jul 2002, 22:22
Ouch! Oi, mind where you're lunging!

1st Jul 2002, 22:43
im walkin by the manor in my raincoat, unbeknowst to me, Lara has fallen ill. On the roof i see a gun fight in progress. "good thing i was carry a few extra things with me" i say as i throw off my raincoat and pick up 1 of the of the 6 pistols.I put out my ciggarette and jump from obstacle to obstacle until i finally got to the roof . I see Lara and the others fighting a desprate battle.
i take out another pistol and put it in my other hand.
I unload on one of the men dressed in black......

1st Jul 2002, 22:54
*He lunges but misses, and falls off the roof. Nearly missing THE True Lara as he hits the ground*
*"Hey!! Watch it," she screams up to the roof. "Keep your fight on the roof, okay?!?!"*
*The other cloaked figures attempt to run across the roof, but they slip, and fall off the roof*
*One of them this time falls onto THE True Lara*
*The four guests walk slowly across the roof, and pick up Lara*
*"How are we going to get her back inside? Obviously we can't just throw her down onto the terrace it's too far. (Lara's Paris mansion is 5 stories, and Lara's bedroom is on the 3rd floor)*
*DaggerofXian then notices a secret door on the rooftop*
*SHE (see I got it right!! :D) goes over and opens the door*
*"Look at this!! There are stairs and some sort of room. Doesn't look like the attic"*
*The four pick up Lara and carry her into the house*
*"I've never seen this room before. I wonder where we are?"*
*"I don't know, but this room scares me, let's just go out and we'll figure it out where we are from the hallway."*
*Barely able to see, they search the room trying to find the door*
*"I found it!" exclaims DaggerofXian But as she goes to open the door, she discovers that it is just painted onto the wall. "Now why would Lara do that? And how do we get out of here??"*
*"Lara bought this house remember?" I say. "But wait, isn't this the house that people would disappear in, and they claimed the house was alive?"*
*"Okay, that's NOT funny. Why are you trying to scare us?"*
*"I'm not. If this is the house, we're in serious trouble."*
*Just then, a secret door in the wall opens, and out stumbles a man.*
*"Stop right there!!"*
*"Thank goodness you found me!! I've been wandering around this house since Lord Grashner threw his big suaré. How long ago was that? A day ago?"*
*A day?? This is Lara Croft's mansion, and it has been for the past three years. How are you still alive after three years?"*

1st Jul 2002, 23:05
"Oh my god..." i say putting pistols away.
"what is it d? you know that Lord Grashner?"
"i know who he is. He owned this manor during the Hundred Years War bettewn England and France." Everyone was silent.
"what happend to him?" Aquaris asks.
"The french raided this house during the attpemted invasion in 1623, which failed. But there were rumors that some people escaped to a secret room. Which we just found." i said.
"So your telling us this guy has been here since 1623????"says dagger.
"right." just then the secret door closes, and so does the door to the roof......

1st Jul 2002, 23:09
(This doesn't make sense. How could you just arrive, then suddenly be in the room on the roof???) :confused:

1st Jul 2002, 23:13
read my first post on this thread

1st Jul 2002, 23:19
(lol My mistake, the just didn't click in my mind for some reason. lol Oh well.....)

*The doors have all closed*
*Suddenly, the room begins to get larger*
*"Now do you believe me, about it being alive?"*
*"No, the walls are just moving, that's it"*
*A new door is revealed when the walls move back. We move towards the door, when it suddenly swings open*

2nd Jul 2002, 00:26
(I’m the 4th previously unnamed person)

*In front of us is a widening staircase*
“but wait” I say “ its going up, I thought we were on the roof, that’s impossible”
"Aquarius….You go first"
*Me and Dagger of Xian prop up Lara, who is now exhausted and follow behind*

2nd Jul 2002, 00:45
"ill go first" i say as i draw 2 pistols and lead the way 'up'.
theres a large double door. "everyone rdy?" Everyone was silent.
"ill take that as a yes"
i open the double doors and..............

2nd Jul 2002, 00:53
the staricase went up and up, all the guests (Aquarius, Prelude, Dagger of Xian, Chronicles5, dgx2001, and Lara) even more exhausted after each step. Around every turn, it seemed to be the same, a photograph of an old man facing another of an old woman. At one point, Aquarius could ave sworn one of them blinked. "How long is this staircase" wondered Chronicles5... Aquarius said "This could lead to nowhere, it could be the house playing tricks on us again." After 5 turns, Dagger of Xian began to notice a pattern in the paintings. "Look there- on the left there is a man glaring at you, on the right a woman glaring across at the man it seemed. The next turn the man was glaring at the woman, and the woman glaring at us " said Dagger of Xian. The torches on the walls provided little light, flickering without hesitations, but still Chronicles5 also noticed the pattern. He said "Listen to the sounds of the stairs, the first of every other staircase is hollow, then the next one sounds very solid" Aquarius stated "I think we're going around in circles" The lights flickered, then went out. The group stood in silence for a few seconds, and the lights resumed. Chronicles5 had an idea: "Let's test if we really are getting tricked. Aquarius, you Dagger of Xian, and dgx2001 stay here with Lara, Prelude and I will go up the stairs more, to see if we are going in circles. As Prelude and Chronicles5 went up the stairs, each step felt like a century. They turned two corners, and found nothing. "Well" said Chronicles5, "It looks like we aren't going in circles, are you three still okay down there?" "Aquarius?" "Dagger of Xian?" "Lara?" "dgx2001?"
Chronicles5 and Prelude rushed down the stairs to where the three once stood to find nothing. "Where could they be??" said Prelude. "We're still here, we have'nt moved at all" said Aquarius "Listen", said Chronicles5, "I think they're on the other side of the wall ...the lights flickered and went out...

2nd Jul 2002, 01:10
......"Chronicles5 I’m scared…hold me"
"Get a grip of yourself woman" *slapping me around the face*
"Ok I’m sorry, I’m ok now. We need to find some light, I think I have a lighter on me somewhere......"
*Looks for lighter*
"Here it is..... Chronicles5...... Chronicles5, NOOOOOO, where are you don’t leave me"
*Just then I feel an icy cold hand on my shoulder, I turn....

2nd Jul 2002, 01:11
I, having lost the group, was by myself, alone in a dark staircase scared to death. i kept my pistols close. I thought if i stayed here, someone might find me, but i deicided against it. I kept going up. All of a sudden i was not on the stairs, but in a void, everything pitch black. "Welcome, mortal!" I heard a deep voice say. I drew my guns, but there was nothing to point them at. A person dressed in a purple robe approached me. He never looked up.
"whats going on here?? Where am i???" i demanded. "that is erelevent." What matters is WHY your here." he said.
"Where are my friends?" i asked.
"You mean Chronicals5, Prelude, Daggerof Xian, Aquaris, and Lara Croft?"
"How did you know that?" i demanded.
"youll find out. MUAHAHAHAhahahah"
as the mans laughter faded into oblivion, i was back on the stairs. I couldent stop now, so i kept going up......

2nd Jul 2002, 01:25
"Prelude?" "Prelude?" hello?? faintly, Chronicles5 heard Aquarius saying "where are you?" "Chronicles5 where are you??, we lost dgx2001!! whats going on??" "I can't find Prelude!!" "okay everybody calm down!" "when I call your name, say here!" "Aquarius!" "here" "Lara!" "here" Dagger of Xian!" "here" "dgx2001!" silence... "Prelude!" "HELP!!!!" Dagger of Xian said "Prelude, where are you???" "..." silence filled the rooms as the lights dimmed...

2nd Jul 2002, 01:26
I arrived, Jeeves opened the door in a hurry,
"I'm here because..." as I tried to take out my ID
"No need to explain, kid, get in, Lara and others are in the rooftop, she needs help !!!"
.....when I get my way upstair, nobody was there, I look around, find my way to get to the rooftop, as I heard some gunshots,
*all of the sudden, the room gets bigger, it can't be, the wall are just moving, "I might have steped on something" I thought
*doors shut, I'm shaking, it opens to a staircase, I walk, having my shotgun (in silent mode) ready, I'm glad I brought my flashlight, it gets darker and darker as I follow the steps with strange noises...
*I noticed those weird paintings, the colors make it look so real, I once thought the man's eye was moving as I walk by,
*it's getting narrower, i feel hot even though it's raining like crazy outside, I could here the rain in a far far away disstance, I don't know where this staircase might lead me to,
*suddenly, all the lights are on, now I see the wall are covered with bricks, old fashion way, looks like fireplace that was being burned for years,
*finally I see the door, I pause, Lara and others, where could they be, does it lead to the roof, "Very strange"
*now that I noticed, when I'm not moving, there are footsteps following me,
*1, 2, 3 ... there are 4 different people, behind me......
*who are they, what are they, it's getting louder, "What am I gonna do ?", there's no place to hide, I hold my gun even tigher
*ezzzzzzzzzz, the lights went off, it gets dark again, the noises stoped, they might have experience the darkness in here, too, I need air I thought
*......people are starting to panic
"Where could they be ?" I heard a familiar voice......

2nd Jul 2002, 01:44
*Lara's 'rescuers' continue to try to find each other in the bizarre stairwell*
*Suddenly, the stairs collapse!*
*The 4 and Lara fall for what seems forever*
*When they land, they seem to think at first that they are back in the rooftop room*
*But there, is a balcony, that seems to be high up in a black abyss*
*The group goes over the edge of the balcony, thinking to look down and see the first floor*
*They peer over and see........nothing. Complete darkness*
*Dgx2001 suddenly falls down from the middle of nowhere and startles the group*
*"I found you all!! What are you looking at?"*
*Dgx2001 goes over to the balcony*
*"I don't see anything....WAIT!! I think there's a ledge or, or something just a little further down."*
*He goes to lean over, when suddenly, he slips right over the edge!*
*The group is in stunned silence. They cannot believe what has just happened*
*"We'll see him again, won't we?" Prelude asks*
*Again the group is scared, at the appearance of Prelude*
*She looks different, a little paler, and she is speaking in monotone*
*"Prelude are you okay?"*
*The group just then hears a sickening thud come up from the abyss. They run over the balcony, for some odd reason, to try to see what had happened*
*When they turn around, Prelude has vanished, again*
*Prelude? Prelude! Where are you??*
*Lara walks back over the balcony, thinking that she hears something*
*"What is it Lara?"*
*By now, Lara's strength has begun to dwindle to the point where she cannot speak*
*"We need to get you out of here Lara. Fast"*
*But Lara just stares down into the darkness*
*DaggerofXian then hears something too*
*"Umm, I think I know why Lara's looking down there. Something is crawling up the wall to come and get us."*
*The sound begins to increase, as if the thing is moving faster and faster*

2nd Jul 2002, 01:51
i fall further further, and further until i land stomach first on the rail of the leadge. I was unconcious for a few minutes then woke to see that i was on the leagde, face-first. i wouldent be surprised if i had a broken rib. Being barely able to walk, much less climb. "Damn, how the hell am i gonna get back there?"
Then i noticed all my guns were gone. "This keeps getting better and better." Either i lost themin the fall or someone took them.
I voted for the latter. After my encounter with that purple-robed guy, i belived anything. with only one way to go- inside, i threw my gun holders over the leadge to relive pressure on my ribs. I knew the others thought i was dead, so i had to find them before im on the cover of the paper. I walked into the dark corridor.

2nd Jul 2002, 01:59
I feel that it is time that I use my all powerful powerfulness (LOL!!) as creator of this story.

Under Rule #3 it says

"3. The original starter of the post can pick what part of the story to go w/, if two ppl post at the same time. "

Sorry Dgx2001, but your part, goes. It really doesn't fit too well with what I and the others have just put. :(

2nd Jul 2002, 02:01
See, i love doing this stuff as much as you guys do, it's just that I didn't arrive with the group, somebody please unites me back with the group, or makes me part of the script, kidnap, tie up, or something...

2nd Jul 2002, 02:02
okay that fine with me ill change my message right know.
i fell off that legde right?

2nd Jul 2002, 02:08
Yup, that's what happened. If you can, get coyotekid caught up w/ us, or something happens.

2nd Jul 2002, 02:16
"quick!" yelled Dagger of Xian "it looks like a big spider!!!" Chronicles5 and Aquarius grab Lara and run, with Dagger of Xian following. they begin rushing down the stairs, with the giant spider in hot pursuit! Aquarius began to count the stairwells, they had only gone up about 8, but it was hard to concentrate, the giant spiders slimy legs thumped the walls as it descended, Dagger of Xian could hear her heart thumping loudly when suddenly, they ran into Prelude, who was deep in thought, staring at one of the pictures of the old woman. Aquarius slammed the door shut, and got dagger of xian to help keep it shut, as Chronicles5 went over to Prelude, to see what was wrong, but the lights went out, and a scream was heard. Prelude had dissapeared! "Chronicles5!" "Aquarius!" "hello?" "help me!!!" Prelude turns around, and finds another wall. "Prelude?" "is that you?" Prelude turns around to find coyotekid. "how did you get here???" " I don't know, we have to find the others, somethings wrong!" "meanwhle, the "others" had locked the door, and run down the stairs, there were only 4 more staircases left, three, two, one, the evil crys of the spider were almost overpowering... and wham, Chronicles5 hit a wall, a brick wall to be exact "owwwww" says Chronicles5. "Uh oh, looks like we're stuck here", says Dagger of Xian lara said "look... there..." "where" "that torch" what about it?" "pull it...." Aquarius said "Lara are you okay???" Lara had passed out. Chronicles5 pulled the torch, and the brick wall dissapeared revealing coyotekid and Prelude. though the thumping of the monster seemed distant, it could come back at any time. the group got their bearings, explaining the tragic death of dgx2001, the monster, the staircase.... Aquarius was checking laras pulse, the lights flickered briefly. the crys of the monster rumbled the room, as darkness claimed lara's eyes once again...

2nd Jul 2002, 02:18
is that post better aquaris?

2nd Jul 2002, 02:25
[more backstage stuff]

It's better, but a couple of things.

First, unless i missed something, but other than the post you editted, there was nothing else about the purple robe guy was there??

Second, I think my first post had been somewhat misleading. There never was a ledge below the balcony, at least I never intended for there to be one. The thud, well, that was you hitting the very bottom (if there is one) of the abyss. Although it's probably a basement room floor or something. I never really planned out anything at the bottom. :(

2nd Jul 2002, 02:28
keep it or not?

2nd Jul 2002, 02:31
I'd say no. Too much has already been posted that it wouldn't fit in now with the story.

Sorry. :(

2nd Jul 2002, 02:32
so im dead right?

2nd Jul 2002, 02:35
i think so, like hitting the bottom (if there is one) of the abyss and all i think that's death. too bad :(

2nd Jul 2002, 02:36
Yup, sorry about that.

Someone had to die, and well, you seemed like a good victim. :cool: lol

2nd Jul 2002, 02:39
*Meanwhile, as the events take place in the paranormal parts of the house, the other guests remain upstairs, sitting in the dining room*
*"I wonder what has happened to them." someone asks "You don't think they're dead, do you?"*
*"They never came back down from the roof. Maybe someone should go up to see what's going on"*

2nd Jul 2002, 02:49
i make halfway down the corridor, when i realize i cant go on.
my ribs cracked when i hit that leadge. i fell face down. "Good Luck guys *coughs up blood* stop these guys, whoever they are." I hung on, hoping that they would find me. Then i saw a purple robe coming down the corridor. "*sigh* Why did we choose humans, your body so easy to destroy" he said.
"Youll never win" i said. He didnt respond. He lifted up his pawm to meet my head.
A lighting jolt from his hand struck my face.

"Goodbye pathetic human, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

I had a cool idea too....:( :( :(

2nd Jul 2002, 03:02
Originally posted by Aquarius
Yup, sorry about that.

Someone had to die,

i thought you just died??? :confused:

2nd Jul 2002, 03:06
the bottom line is IM DEAD get back to the story!!!!

2nd Jul 2002, 03:10
i hope the story is still going by the time i wake up tommorow, cuz im going to sleep

2nd Jul 2002, 04:24
Lara says I feel fine I don't know what happened I'm fine. Thanhkim puts the blanket on her again. we walk into a room and find it's her bedroom. We turn around she dresses and we go to find where the rests of the guests are. Then the walls begin to move like in Hypo level. I look at Lara she looks at me weird I say, she says did you put something in my drink again I say no we pack death and run...... This place is freaky I say as we run. Lara says no wonder this place went cheap.

THE True Lara
2nd Jul 2002, 07:48
*"Hellloooooooo" I'm yelling, whilst faliling my arms and legs, "does anyone want to help me with this?!"*
*I'm still trapped under the large goon that fell off the roof.*
*After a momentary pause to wonder what's been happening inside & on top of the house I go back to faliling...*

2nd Jul 2002, 07:58
Lara and I free THE True Lara we get rid of the dead body we go back into the house and start packing Lara's stuff, she says I'm leaving look the walls are still moving at least my place in surrey isn't like this. I follow and help her pack. She goes I'm selling the place tomorrow. But tommoow never comes....

2nd Jul 2002, 11:35
{thanhkim. Sorry, but you cannot be with Lara... She's lost somewhere in the house with the others...}

I'm one of the other ppl in Lara's bedroom and I just wake up realising I had fall asleep... Nobody's in the room. Still dizzy i walk around wondering what has happened. I go down to the basement to try to find Jeeves and ask him what happened... He's not there. "I might be at the basement", I say to myself... so I go down the stairs. I pick up a torch from the table and look around. Accidentally, I slip on the wet floor and grab from a candle on the wall. "AAAHHHHHHH', I shouted, "The floor's moviiiiiiing!" Then it stopped. I look around and realise it was a secret door... In the room I am, I notice a strange painting ang pull it. Behind I can clearly hear Chronicles5 saying:" thatt, that... thing , I mean that spider go awayy ... at least for now..." I can see Prelude trembling... "What are they doing here?", I wonder. i get in... "AAAHHHHHHH" Everyone starts screaming... Stop, STOP! I say. I'm V_Croft! The others stop screaming and stare at me... "It's time for some explanations, I guess" said Aquarius... So, we put our stories down...
a 'bang' is heard and the hole though which I entered closes and locks... "Now we're trapped", says coyotekid...

2nd Jul 2002, 13:42
Originally posted by thanhkim
Lara says I feel fine I don't know what happened I'm fine. Thanhkim puts the blanket on her again. we walk into a room and find it's her bedroom. We turn around she dresses and we go to find where the rests of the guests are. Then the walls begin to move like in Hypo level. I look at Lara she looks at me weird I say, she says did you put something in my drink again I say no we pack death and run...... This place is freaky I say as we run. Lara says no wonder this place went cheap.

Hello :confused: did you actually read the other threads? What you’ve said makes no sense at all to the plot. We are trying to write a story together not our own little stories which have no relevance.

Aquarius why did dgx2001 have to die, I thought his second post fitted in quite well? :(

I'm not posting anymore until I know what's happened to the story.......Aquarius, Chronicles5 WAKE UP, we need you.

2nd Jul 2002, 14:00
okay, now the group was down to Lara, Chronicles5, Aquarius, Dagger of Xian, V_Croft, Prelude, and coyotekid. After sharing suspicions, they wondered what to do. Prelude found an odd looking torch on the wall, and Aquarius found another on the other side of the room. Lara said to pull them at the same time they did, and nothing happened. coyotekid was staring at a painting on the wall. "come here and look at this, guys" "It's a portrait of Lord Grashner, I think they took it right before he died, look how old he is." "That's the same old man in the other paintings!" exclaimed Chronicles5. Lara asked "Do you think the old woman was his wife?" Aquarius, remembering something, said "Were'nt they glaring at each other in the paintings?" Dagger of Xian said "Yes, they were, maybe they were angry with each other thats why this house is haunted "We have to get out of here, now they know we know" Once again, they tried the torch puzzle, but Prelude found out that it wasn't just pulling the torch down, you also had to turn it in the direction of the portait you wanted to open, but we all found out, the hard way, that the portaits didn't stay open very long. "Okay, coyotekid, you lead the way"

2nd Jul 2002, 14:41
“Wait guys, there something I need to tell you”
*Aquarius* “what is it Prelude, what happened to you, you don’t look well”
“When I disappeared in the corridor, I met that man, well I think he’s a man, anyway, you know the old guy from the first room, he told me some stuff, I didn’t want to believe it but now that things are happening, and people are dieing and….”
*V-Croft* “what is it, you have to tell us”
“He said that this was all a plot to get us here, that they have been poising Lara to make her ill, knowing that we would come, it’s what they wanted, don’t you see we’ve walked right into it, and now we're stuck here and we can't get out”
*Starting to ramble*
*Dagger of Xian puts her arm around Prelude* “it’s ok”
“I wanted to tell you but I thought you’d think I was mad or something, you see the....man, afterwards he just seemed to disappear. Like into the wall or something, and then coyotekid was there and I...I....”
*Chronicles5 comes over and begins to shake Prelude* “Get a grip Prelude tell us what you know, who are THEY !”
*Prelude can see anger in his eyes, Chronicles can see fear in Preludes*
“There is a evil sect there, some kind of cult, Lord Grashner was a powerful evil man….they want to bring him back and they need us to do it, and if they succeed the world is in trouble, get it and we.....we all DIE!
*Prelude pulls away from Chronicles* “that’s it that's all I know”
*There is silence in the room as everyone tries to come to terms with what Prelude has said*
*But the silence is broken as an unearthly noise is heard coming from the corridor outside.....*

2nd Jul 2002, 15:50
Originally posted by Prelude
*Chronicles5 comes over and begins to shake Prelude* “Get a grip Prelude tell us what you know!!
jeez Prelude, your making me look really rough!! lol :D

A unearthly noise is heard coming from the corridor outside... "The spider-thing is getting closer, but he can't get through the door!" shouted coyotekid. Prelude bagan to explain all she'd heard. From what it sounded like, (I am making this up, don't go to your history books :D) Lord Grashner and his wife began to quarrel. Grashner's cult was very close to him, they would do anything for him, and the night of the party (aforementioned) there was a murder Grashners wife had killed him, and his cult wanted now to bring him back from the dead, "That's what the man in the room was doing that's why we can't escape" noted Prelude. The lights flickered again, and for a brief second Chronicles5 saw a dark part of the wall. "Come over here look at this" he said. Aquarius grabbed a torch from the wall, and went over to where Chronicles5 was pointing. There were blood stains on the wall "Anybody else get the feeling this is the room Grashner was killed in?" The lights dimmed, flickered, and went out...

2nd Jul 2002, 16:06
Originally posted by Chronicles5

jeez Prelude, your making me look really rough!! lol :D

*They stand frozen and silent in the near darkness*
*they wonder what will happen next and if is this 'the end'*
*Chronicles5 goes over to Prelude* "sorry about before"
*Prelude* "that's ok, I forgive you, I understand"
*they have a hug*
*Prelude whispers to Chronicles5 "oh and if you ever do that agian....... I'll floor ya!" :D

2nd Jul 2002, 16:31
Originally posted by Prelude
......"Chronicles5 I’m scared…hold me"

Originally posted by Prelude
*Prelude whispers to Chronicles5 "oh and if you ever do that agian....... I'll floor ya!" :D

wow you change easily... :D

They stand frozen and silent in the near darkness... an unearthly sound comes back to haunt everyone, but this time, it was'nt the spider thing, it sounded like something dead "Is everybody still here?" Chronicles5 asked into the darkness. Aquarius found the torch they had used before, and lit it with coyotekids lighter. The room was cold, and the group quickly gathered around the flame. "Hey", said coyotekid, "where's Dagger of Xian?" "I'm still here" "okay" The group moved in silence, guided by Aquarius's torch. Chronicles5 thought he heard faint footsteps growing louder slowly from behind. "Hey, wait up a sec, d'you guys hear that?" Lara said "Ya, it sounds like footsteps" "shhhhh.." Dagger of Xian whispered. "Hey guys, what happened" said dgx2001 "whoa, I thought you died?" asked Aquarius. "Nope, I just fell, that's all" "okay, then how did you find us?" asked a slightly skeptical Chronicles5. "That doesn't matter" "Yes it does" said Lara. "Why, I just fell, and now I'm back what's the big deal?" Prelude was also skeptical "I heard a distinct thump, I'm pretty sure you died." "I SAID, IT DOESNT MATTER" dgx2001's eyes glowed red. Everyone in the group had seen horror movies, and when a person thought dead just suddenly reappears, it's usually not good. They all yelled in unison, RUN!!!! they took off down the long hall. Dagger of Xian looked back, and she saw dgx2001 change into the man they had seen before, who thought he was still at the party. "Oh my god!!!" They got to the door, everyone ran in, and they slammed it shut and locked it, knowing it was only a matter of minutes before the man got through. "Everyone ok?" asked Chronicles5.
"No, I think lara's hurt", said Prelude. coyotekid and Prelude went over to check on lara, and Dagger of Xian, Aquarius, and Chronicles5 went to look around at the room they were in, it looked as if it hadn't been used in centuries, which was probably true. "Well", Aquarius said, "We can't trust dgx2001 anymore, the real one died, and now the man from the party was just trying to lure us into a trap, looking like dgx2001." "This all makes sense now!" exclaimed Chronicles5....

2nd Jul 2002, 17:15
"you fool!" the lead robe said hitting another upside the head. "I had plans for him, and i specfically told you he must be captured! But you couldent wait, and now we just lost the best chance we had!!!!
"Master, he was so wounded that-"
"WE COULD HAVE REPAIRED HIS INJURIES!, now that they know of our plan, they are more dangerous then ever! Do not underestimate the power of the human spirit!"
"This will never happen again"
"Yes mast-" The leader took a sword and sliced his head off.
"Its true this will never happen again"......

2nd Jul 2002, 17:18
Aquarius! Dagger of Xian! coyotekid! WAKE UP!!! Prelude, we need you too!! I don't want to be the only one posting :mad:

2nd Jul 2002, 17:32

2nd Jul 2002, 18:23
I guess I shouldn't sleep til noon anymore.

What the heck is up with the purple robes??? They DO NOT fit into the story at all. So stop with that already. Okay??

To clarify, you died, but Lord Grashner's cultist members (not the purple robe ppl) are trying to bring him back, but so far they've only managed to do something, that involved using your body, at least that's how I've read it.

Can someone else help to clear this up??

2nd Jul 2002, 18:31
okay im going to lay the whole plot and story out again.

-Lord Grashner owned this manor in 1600's, he was powerful and evil, and his cult would do anything for him.

-Lord Grashner had many quarrels with his wife, and after an aforementioned party, she killed him.

-His cult is back, they have been waiting for centuries for a group of people who they could use to bring him back from the dead

-If Lord Grashner comes back, the world will be at his mercy

-dgx2001 is dead the cult members ( not the purple robe people) used his body to try and trick the group into coming with him, so they coud be used to bring back Lord Grashner, there are no purple robe people, and dgx2001 has to be dead from that fall, because it all fits!!!

everyone understand now? ;)

2nd Jul 2002, 18:31
Okay, okay,
i have an idea

just make a new thread, same name, same story
to clear all this crap up

And i have no prob wit dieing, i just dont want to die by falling into the abyss:D :D :D

2nd Jul 2002, 18:34
no, no dont, then we'd have to start over, this plot makes so much sense! lets just keep going, I fixed out the whole story to clear up all the crap. dont start a new thread :(

2nd Jul 2002, 18:39
thats fine with me

2nd Jul 2002, 18:44
ok, so lets keep going from ...Exclaimed chronicles5...

Lara had twisted her ankle, but Prelude was helping her feel better. Lara couldn't do any more running though..


2nd Jul 2002, 18:45
im up! im up!

Anyways...were are we i read the stroy but it got confusing towards the end...are we pas the painting opened by the candles??:confused:

And who's dead??? Because it just got all confusing towards the end:(

Please someone clear this up

2nd Jul 2002, 18:46
*DaggerofXian, Prelude, and the others are trying to figure out how to help Lara, when suddenly, the walls begin to move. But not how you think*
*The walls seem almost to be made of rudder. The cultists are trying to come through the walls. Their hands reach through the wall, trying grab one of the group members*
*Another, is trying to reach through and grab someone with their mouth. They come just within inches of Preludes hair*
*"What are we going to do?" Prelude asks "We're trapped!"*

2nd Jul 2002, 18:51
ok Dagger of Xian, good to see your awake, and now I'm going to explain everything. This is the last paragraph of my last story post:
They got to the door, everyone ran in, and they slammed it shut and locked it, knowing it was only a matter of minutes before the man got through. "Everyone ok?" asked Chronicles5.
"No, I think lara's hurt", said Prelude. coyotekid and Prelude went over to check on lara, and Dagger of Xian, Aquarius, and Chronicles5 went to look around at the room they were in, it looked as if it hadn't been used in centuries, which was probably true. "Well", Aquarius said, "We can't trust dgx2001 anymore, the real one died, and now the man from the party was just trying to lure us into a trap, looking like dgx2001." "This all makes sense now!" exclaimed Chronicles5....

okay now we are left off with Aquarius' last post, the walls are like rubber and the cultists are trying to get us. People still in our group: Lara, Chronicles5, Aquarius, Dagger of Xian, coyotekid, Prelude, and V_Croft. dgx2001 is dead, and the cultists tried to trick us with his appearance. does that make sense? ;)

2nd Jul 2002, 19:01
*One of the hands begin to grab Lara and start to pull her into the wall*

*Chronicles5 goes and grabs Lara trying to pull her back*

*I go and help him..mean while the walls begin to grab Perlude as well..*

*we are all struggling not to get grabbed when the floor beneath us opens to revela a trap door..*

*We fall through, to reveal a strange room...filled with Portraits Lord Grashner and His wife...each self Potrait staring at each other*

(someone continue..please...:) )

2nd Jul 2002, 19:05
The situation couldn't be worse... But then I shout "Hey, look at the ceiling! I think there's a trapdoor there!" With the help of coyotekid, Chronicles5 climbs onto Aquarius and trys to open the trapdoor. "It's stuck! I need some more help!", he says...
Time is flying and the cultists are getting even closer... then...

2nd Jul 2002, 19:06
Oh, why do I always post at the same time with someone else?! Ok, just ignore my previous post...

2nd Jul 2002, 19:08
*We all fall through, but Prelude is still up above!*
*"How can we save her now??" Chronicles5 asks*
*"Who knows, but she always shows up again somehow. Does anyone else find it strange how that keeps happening?"*
*"What are you saying then? That she's one of the cult members?"*
*"Think about it, whenever Prelude is with us, we get attacked, but when she's not, we're just fine."*
*The trapdoor up above then closes. The group is again trapped*
*On the other side of the room, is a lone candle. It is the only light source in the room*
*The table that the candle is on, suddenly tips over*
*"Great, now we're in the dark." DaggerofXian says*
*Just as she finishes says this, the entire room erupts into flames*
*The group is completely encircled. They try looking for a trapdoor, but alas, it is a stone floor*
*"How are we trapped like this? Do you think they set this up?"*

2nd Jul 2002, 19:12
An idea passes through my mind. I take out my knife and tear one of the paintings. behind it, there's something... there's a safe. "A safe, here?" says coyotekid. "And it's unlocked", I say. it seems that someone opened it a couple of minutes ago...
We look at each other thinking who may have done it... Aquarius opens it...
But the flames are getting closer...

NOTE: I edited it, because I posted at the same time with Aquarius.

2nd Jul 2002, 19:15
(V Croft u cant use perlude because she isnt with us:p)

2nd Jul 2002, 19:16
sorry dagger of Xian, but i was posting at the same time with Aquarius. I've just edited it.

2nd Jul 2002, 19:21
( sorry)

*Aqaurius opens the safe*

*Chronicles5 looks down and notices that its a slope leading down.."look a slope lets go" he suggests.*

*So we all drop down...until land on something slimey and wet....

2nd Jul 2002, 19:27
"what's that?", I say... "and were's Prelude?"

2nd Jul 2002, 19:30
wow! just went out for a 5 min. swim (its like 95 degrees where i live) and the story got way more interesting!!

anyway, we land on somethinng slimy and wet, and the group realizes they have reached the ground, they have gone down all 5 floors and are now underground. "this must be where the cult hid the body of Lord Grashner, this must be where the cult is going to bring him back!!!" said Prelude, who had just popped up agian. "Prelude, what are you doing here???" "well, there was another trapdoor in the ceiling, i used that since you all abandoned me, then i was in another room and i fell through the floor and i saw you guys, then i accidently fell through the cieling on the table and the candle knocked over, then you guys all ran from me..." "okay"
"now lets check out this next room..."

2nd Jul 2002, 19:31
*Perlude is up there with the cult's men..I tell V croft*

*what the fudge are sitting on?? I ask*

*does someone have a light? chronicles5 asks*

*Eww its sticky too..I add in disgust*

*Is Lara okay? Aquarius ask*

*Is coyotekid here? V Croft asks*

*Im here! Coyotekid says*

*Can we get a light!!!! Chronicles5 asks*

(someone continue)

2nd Jul 2002, 19:32
sorry..ignore mu post

2nd Jul 2002, 19:34
no no, lets just imagine your post was before mine, it still fits that way ;)

2nd Jul 2002, 19:40
(okay ill continue form urs)

*We all head into the next room with much diffuculty..our only source of light was from a flare found on the floor*

*We enetr a room with enscriptions on the wall...some egyptian others greek..all sorts of different launguages*

*"this must be the room where they put Lord Grashner's body" Perlude suggests*

*We keep on walking just to find a locked safe and a door leadng futher down*

*voices sounding like chants are heard int eh passage leading down*

*"were do we go now?'" i ask*

(its geting spooky:eek: )

2nd Jul 2002, 19:45
*As we go down, the area is being revealed...*
*"It's a lake!", says Chronicles5*
*"Yes, I guess it's an underground complex of caves and lakes... From the roof we've got under the basements...", I whisper.

2nd Jul 2002, 21:24
(back stage suff)
Originally posted by Prelude
......"Chronicles5 I’m scared…hold me"
Originally posted by Prelude
*Prelude whispers to Chronicles5 "oh and if you ever do that agian....... I'll floor ya!"

Originally posted by Chronicles5

wow you change easily... :D

What do you expect, I’m a woman!!!! ;)

It’s all just for fun Chronicles5, don’t take it personally :D

Ok guy’s I’m back, sorry I had to go to work, and this story is really cool :cool:

Right where are we……

2nd Jul 2002, 21:39
Originally posted by Prelude
It’s all just for fun Chronicles5, don’t take it personally :D

Course not ;) I just thought it was funny how your moods change so quickly :D

2nd Jul 2002, 21:44
Originally posted by Chronicles5

Course not ;) I just thought it was funny how your moods change so quickly :D

Btw I didn't mean about the hug thing I meant it about the shaking thing, if you see what I mean. :D

Oops, Sorry guys just read the new rule, didn't know I wasn't supposed to post this stuff here, that's not related to the story. Sorry won't happen again.

Carry on.....

2nd Jul 2002, 21:51
*The group stumbles upon an underground cave and water complex*
*There just happens to be a boat for the group to take across the wide expanse*
*The cave is so wide that the opposite shore cannot be seen*
*"Well, should we take the boat? Who knows where we'll end up at" I say*
*From somewhere in the passageway behind us, we can hear the chants getting louder and louder*
*"They're getting closer!!" says DaggerofXian "I say we take out chances. There's no way they can reach us out there"*
*"What if we get lost?" asks V_Croft*
*"If we get lost, we get lost" says Lara*
*The group just looks at Lara in stunned silence, then climbs into the boat as the light from the cultist members' torches gets brighter and brighter*

2nd Jul 2002, 22:21
*The group get in and each find a paddle*
*Except Lara who just sits up front*
*We start to paddle, but the shore on the other side remains unseen*
*Lara says* “I feel sick”
*Aquarius* “oh great that’s all we need”
*Lara draws a pistol “you got a problem with that, fine then why don’t you just get out of the boat”
*Aquarius pulling pistols* "why don’t you get out of the boat"
*Everyone starts shouting at each other*
*Prelude* “Guys..Guys..GUYS!” *Fires single shot into the air and the gang are dusted with gravel from the cave roof*
*Everyone turns to look at Prelude, she senses there are not happy with her* “I thought I saw something move”
*Chronicles5* “what, where?”
“Down there in the water, look there it is again”
*Everyone looks over the side* “Where?”
*V-Croft* “Prelude your seeing things, there’s nothing there”
*Everyone starts making a noise again*
*Dagger of Xian* “No wait, she’s right look there”
*Coyotekid* “shhhush everyone listen”
*There is silence in the boat*
*Then they all hear a rumble and something moves under the boat rocking it from side side*
*Lara* “EVERYONE PADDLE........NOW!”

2nd Jul 2002, 23:54
[I'm back]

*it was quick, quickly then we thought it would be, as soon as we get out of the area where the noises were coming from, the water started to move, like boiling water
*"Somebody please tell me what the heck is that thing ?....said V-Croft
*"It's ..it's " I tried to answer the question but no, I don't really have time, my hands are holding on tight to the paddle, using all my forces,
*"We have to get out of here" somebody says
*The roaring's gettting louder, we are in a distance away from the area, rain stopped, the silver moon finally appears, shining thru the deep, dark water,
*Noone wants to stop, Aquarius gasps for air, "We're almost there" as I turn and look over my shoulders, it's damn cold,
*"Where are we ?" I asked
*There's no reply

3rd Jul 2002, 00:02
They paddle as fast as they can, towards the shore, but then, they realize they don't know where the shore is Chronicles5 stops, points at a small point of light in the distance, then keeps paddling. Lara passes out halfway there, and Prelude rudely shakes her to get her up again. The thing underwater was making unearthly sounds and slapping the floor of the lake, though they had no idea what it was. Once they reached the shore, Aquarius and V_Croft grab lara and run up to catch up with the others, slamming the door behind them. They run ahead to join the others, who are all standing, shocked, looking at something. There was an inscription on the wall, along with some very large and gruesome blood stains, which looked very old. The inscriptions read:

3rd Jul 2002, 01:24
'Traversent le lac pour trouvez votre fin
Ci faut entrez les tombe razzia et ensuivez et la levant de le diable un volonté commençons
Pendant vous es condamnent * la arrosons profondeur de enfer'

Aquarius “Well what does it say?”
Prelude “I don’t know do I its in French for god sake!”
Lara “let me see, it doesn’t really make sense but I think it says”

'Cross the lake to find your end
Here enters the tomb raider and followers and the rise of the devil one will commence
while you are condemned to the watery depths of hell'

V-Croft “so pretty much touch anything and get your head chopped off”
Chronicles5 “great so what do we do now?”
Dagger of Xian “I think we should get the hell out of here”
Coyotekid “all those in favour”
*Everyone raises their hands except Lara who is still inspecting the very badly written inscription*
Prelude “motion carried”
*Everyone turns to go, but just then the torches light by themselves on the walls to reveal a passageway*
*The gang look down the passage and then at each other*
“well we’ve come this far......”

(PS my sincere apologies to anyone who is French, I know my French is really bad, sorry :( )

3rd Jul 2002, 02:31
*By now, the group has realized that this is not just some lake, or small river, it is the River Seine, which somehow manages to run under Lara's mansion*
*The wall is part of an age old burial chamber for many of the victims that were part of a gruesome mass murder reign that happened back in the time of Lord Greshner*
*"I wonder how no one has ever seen this before" Prelude asks*
*"Well, it's kind of built into the hillside, and I'd say that many people do not come out to this part. But it still makes you wonder, doesn't it?? Maybe there's something cursed about this area. We might want to think twice about heading down that passage, you never know what we'll find. Probably some dead Frenchmen that got a little too drunk, and met his unfortunate end"*
*The group doesn't know what to do. Either they enter the passage and see what they find, or try to make it up the large hill with Lara, who's strength is failing faster and faster*
*"I say we go up the hill. The passage doesn't look too good, and who knows how lost we'll get in there." Aquarius says "And we need to get help for Lara soon!"*
*The group goes up the steephill. After about 2 hours of climbing, they finally reach the top*
*"What the........"*
*They get to the top, and see........absolutely nothing*
*All of Paris is gone. No skyline, no Eiffel Tower. Nothing.*
*"How?? How could this be?" DaggerofXian stammers. "The entire city cannot just disappear, can it??"*
*The night is foggy, at least they think it's fog*
*"Does anyone else smell smoke?" asks Chronicles5*
*Little does the group know, the cultists have been successful in bringing back Lord Greshner..........*

3rd Jul 2002, 07:08
*"I guess that's not normal, is it?", says Prelude*
*Aquarius*:"I don't think so..."
*V_Croft*:"Now, where do we go? We can go down the hill-but I don't think we'll find anything there-as a matter of fact it's a long long way down... or we can go back and explore that passage..."
*Chronicles5*:"Let's vote..."

3rd Jul 2002, 09:20
Sorry dudes made a mess of the story Thanhkim continue it it's getting good.

3rd Jul 2002, 14:42
*we all vote and decide to explore the passage..*

*As we explore the passage..the smell of smoke gets stronger and stronger making Lara cough uncontrobably (sp? sorry aint a good speller:p )*

*"what do we do now?" Perlude asks*

*we reach a door slightly ajar and cultsmen are clearly visible in the shadows*

*'why dont we break the party?' Chronicles5 suggests*

*As the gang hear's the chants they hear another voice different from the chants.....

3rd Jul 2002, 16:35
Originally posted by Dagger of Xian
(sp? sorry aint a good speller:p )*
*"what do we do now?" Perlude asks*

You said it, my name is Prelude! LOL :D I forgive you.

3rd Jul 2002, 17:56
they could hear a voice different from the chants...
"I think its that same guy we met in the first room" whispered V_Croft. "What's he saying?" asked coyotekid. "He's speaking in French again" "Hey, let me listen" Chronicles5 said "I've taken 3 years of french" Prelude and Chronicles5 tried to translate, the chanting sounded like this, but was blurred a bit, by the chanting...
"Nous consommerons toutes les terres, et notre colère sera incessante. Nous nous lèverons vers le haut, et prenons ce monde par la force."

"I think they said: 'We shalt consume all lands, and our wrath shall be ceaseless. We will rise up, and take this world by force'." said Chronicles5. "Kind of lame, isn't it?" said Prelude, a little too loudly. "Shut up" whispered Aquarius. "They're going to hear us!"

"Elimineremo il perno santo e consumare introito della forza del mondo della guida sacred, che lo shalt è potente e distrugg il mondo. Continui a comunicare, poichè questo mondo sar* distrutto da nostro tutto il signore potente Grashner della guida. Come dio come nostri testimoni, arresto dello shalt non fino al nostro wrath abbiamo cominciato il havoc e la vendetta sulle terre di questa terra."

"That sounds like italian! Why are they speaking italian?" whispered Chronicles5. "I caught something in there about Lord Grashner, and something about wreaking havoc on something" said V_Croft. "Shhhh they're going to hear us!!" whispered Dagger of Xian. (continue)

3rd Jul 2002, 18:06
*"Nous sommes les maitres-et vous etes les esclaves", they said again *
(sorry for my terrible French... in fact, I don't know French, I know only German :p )
*"We are the masters and you are the slaves..." transated Prelude.*
*"Now what? they speak all the languages? Which masters, and what slaves,...and what are all those things about taking over the world?! This is getting ridiculous...or...very bad news for mankind" said Aquarius.*

3rd Jul 2002, 20:52
*We continue to watch the cult members performing their ceremony, when DaggerofXian has an idea*
*"I have an idea! How about we get rid of them once and for all?"*
*"Umm, yeah. Okay, just how do we do that?" asks Chronicles5*
*"Well the inscription said something about wreaking havoc, so how about we wreak havoc upon them by trapping them in the room, and then we kill them with dynamic"*
*"How are we going to do that?" Aquarius asks*
*Just then,...........*

3rd Jul 2002, 21:45
Just then….

“Oh my god what’s that!!!” *Said Prelude standing up from where they were crouching and a little too loudly again*
Aquarius “get down you fool there gonna see us” *He pulls at Preludes arm*
Chronicles5 “What do you see?”
*The gang look on in horror as the cultist bring out what looks like a body*
V_Croft “Who is it? Can you see”
*The Dagger of Xian suddenly goes very pale* “Guys its dgx2001”
Aquarius “What are they doing to him?”
Chronicles5 “I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s very bad”
Dagger of Xian “They are using his body in some kind of ritual”
Coyotekid “ oo that’s sick”
Prelude “right that does it, what ever we are gonna do guys, lets do it quick, I’m not sitting here watching them make sushi out of my mate, are you all in?”
*Everyone* “We’re in”
Lara “I feel sick again.....”

3rd Jul 2002, 22:09
coyotekid steps over to lara to help her. "Oh my god" says Chronicles5 "Was is it???" asked Aquarius "They're using dgx2001's body to inhabit Lord Grashner!!" from the looks of things, they already had. Lord Grashner was back, and he had taken over dgx2001's body. "Well, we should be okay for now, it doesn't look like he's very strong yet, but we have to make a good strategy." said Dagger of Xian. "Right" said V_Croft, that room I think only has one entrance, we can try to lock them in, but we don't have much to block it with, and there are alot of people in that room!" Then..

3rd Jul 2002, 23:02
*Prelude gathers the gang together*
"I don’t know about you guys but I wanna take these guys out, but most importantly we have to destroy Lord Grashner, before he destroys the world" *she pauses*
“Right I’ve got a plan and it’s so cunning you put a tail on it and call it a weasel”
*The others look at Prelude strangely* “What weapons do we have?”
*Each member arms themselves*
Lara “pistols”
*Dagger of Xian and Aquarius look at each other and then swap weapons*
Dagger of Xian “Shotgun”
Aquarius “Desert eagle”
V_Croft “Uzi’s”
Chronicles5 “Cross bow”
Coyotekid “pea shooter! no wait, just kidding, pistols”
“I’ve got my berretta, is that it? check Lara’s back pack, she’s always got loads of stuff in there”
*Coyotekid looks in Lara’s back pack*
“This is what we are gonna do. We need to cause a distraction and get some of those guys over there, so we can steal there clothes. One of us will make the distraction.....Lara I’ll leave that up to you, as it seems to be your thing”
Lara nods “understood”
“Dagger of Xian, Aquarius you make your way over to the other side and wait for my signal”
“V_Croft, Coyotekid you take the left, chronicles5 your with me”
"Right is everyone clear on what they have to do"
*Everyone looks at each other, not really having a clue*
Aquarius “What’s your signal?”
Prelude “don’t worry you’ll know it when it happens!”
*Just then there is a clap of thunder and some spooky smoke is raising from the cultist who are standing in a circle around Lord Grashner and still chanting.....*

4th Jul 2002, 08:07
*I'm standing with coyotekid waiting for Prelude's signal*
*Then, three of the cultists come out of the room while the others are still chanting... More smoke is coming out of the dark room*
*We're holding our breathes-they mustn't hear us for the moment...*

*Im the meantime, Lara goes to the other side quietly and makes several noices*
*The three cultists look around suspiciously... "I think we should inform the others", said one. "No, you silly servant- we must not stop the ceremony...", said the other with a dark voice, who seemed to be the leader, "If it's THEM, then they're trapped here and will see our lord coming back once again to achieve his ultimate goal..."*
*They start walking towards Lara... she quickly leaves, but forsees to make enough noice, so that they could follow her*
*The cultists reach Prelude and Chronicles5, who appear out of the corner... Prelude waves. Aquarius and Dagger of Xian come from the right. I and coyotekid come from the left, all aiming at them with our guns.*
*"Now, if you say a single word..., it'll be your last", says Lara with a grin.*

4th Jul 2002, 19:52
*but to our surprise the cultsmen had weapons of there own..there weapons were not guns but zombies and sectors with powers*

*we all looked bewildered..Lara's grins fades*

*"What now?" asks Prelude*

*"dunno" i say*

*Then Lord Grashner arises....(continue)*

(by the way..i have no prob with the shotgun...but didnt i have a desert eagle in the begining?....ill stick witht he shotgun though:D )

4th Jul 2002, 23:09
Originally posted by Dagger of Xian

(by the way..i have no prob with the shotgun...but didnt i have a desert eagle in the begining?....ill stick witht he shotgun though:D )

(sorry about that I've fixed it ;) )

4th Jul 2002, 23:55
*Suddenly one of the cultist grab coyotekid, he mumbles some words and coyotekid falls to the floor*
“NOOOOO!” *screams Lara* “Right that’s it guys, FIRE!”
*Within seconds the room is alight with gunfire and spent cartridges fly from our weapons*
*We find ourselves surrounded by zombies, while the cultists pick up coyotekid’s body and begin to carry it off*
*Our weapons seem to have no effect on the zombies they only slow them down a bit*
V_Croft “it’s not working they just keep coming”
*Then Chronicles5 fires an arrow from his cross bow and it strikes a zombie through the heart. The zombie cries out and then explodes into dust*
Aquarius “target their hearts!”
*The gang do so and within seconds all the zombies are dusted*
*Lara signals to the gang* “coyotekid”
*The three cultist are carrying the body to Lord Grashner*
*The gang set upon them and corner them against the wall*
"Check coyotekid" *Dagger of Xian and V-Croft go over to the body*
*Meanwhile the rest of us hold the cultist at gun point, they begin to chant and smoke begins to rise around us*
Prelude “shut up” *she unloads a round into one of their faces*
*He falls to the floor and disappears*
*The others begin to cry out and put their hands over their faces almost as though THEY were in pain*
“That’s it” Lara says “there’re all connected”
Chronicles5 “Look!” *The gang look towards where the ceremony is taken place*
Aquarius “it’s effecting Lord Grashner too, look he’s getting weaker again”
*The gang look at each other, they have the same idea as the other two cultists are pelted with bullets. As before they fall to the ground and disappear, the gang hear the screams from the other cultist*
*They go over to Dagger of Xian and V-Croft who are crouched by coyotekid’s body*
Prelude “you alright kid?”
Coyotekid “yeah, I think so”
*The gang are relieved but their triumph is cut short, as they hear an unearthly roar from Lord Grashner*
Lara “oops I think we pi**ed him off!”

5th Jul 2002, 02:07
..."but they're all connected right?" "This may get confusing, but I think this is the deal" said Chronicles5. "They are all connected, but in a different way than we thought, Lord Grashner is growing stronger off of their power, so when their power dies out, it goes to lord grashner and he gets stronger..." "So let's just shoot him then!" shouted Aquarius "But it's not that simple" said Lara "I'm the tomb raider here, I've dealt with this before, on my first adventure on the black isle, because shooting Lord Grashner gives his cultists power, understand?" Prelude realized that this wouldn't be easy "But, what if we shoot them at the same time, will they keep making each other stronger or will they all die?" asked V_Croft. "They will all die if they are badly damaged at the same time" Lara said. "Hey lara, got a grenade launcher in that famous pack of yours?" asked Prelude, a plan forming in her mind. "Well, they are all in that small room, and if we shot one of Lara's super grenades, that should be enough to blow them all up" Dagger of Xian added. "Well, Lara? Do you have it?" asked Aquarius. (continue)

5th Jul 2002, 02:19
*"Wait!" Aquarius says "If this is the Grenade launcher you used in finding the Metorite artifacts, then we'll be in danger. What if it bounces off the wall and comes back at us?? That won't do. Do you have a rocket launcher in there?"*
*"Well let's see." Lara says "Looks like there's only one rocket left, but make it good. We're dead if it's off by even just a little."*
*"Well then, who wants to take the shot?"*

5th Jul 2002, 02:25
"Well, Lara would have the best aim, but are you up to it, Lara?" "Not really, I'll take it if I have to but I don't want to risk your lives..." "Not me" said Chronicles5...

5th Jul 2002, 02:58
*"im not doing this...just to much pressure on one person", i say*

*"well who's gonna do this we dont have time!" Lara shouts*

(Thanks Prelude..but u really didnt have to switch it...aww just ignore me:o )

5th Jul 2002, 11:22
*"Well, I don't want to risk our lives...*
*"Lara, can you shoot it?"*, says Dagger of Xian*
*"We don't have much time... Sme do it !!!"* shouts Prelude.

5th Jul 2002, 11:35
"Give me the gun!!" shouts Chronicles5. He takes careful aim, and slides over into shooting range of the small room. Some of the cultists see him but they are too entranced to really notice anything. But when Lord Grashner saw him he shouted "STOP YOU FOOLS!" but it was too late, Chronicles5 had shot the rocket, and it hit the table they were working on, that Lord Grashner was laying down on, the very center of the room. Lord Grashner blew up, and his cultists with him. Then...

5th Jul 2002, 11:47
*Then a dark sarcastic voice is heard*

*"HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... I knew you would be such fools! Now I have the ultimate power..."*

*Coyotekid:"Now what is that?!?!"*

*Everyone looks around not knowing what to say...*

*V_Croft:"Oh god! I think I know what happened... This man is one of the cultists! He was somewhere else waiting...*

*Aquarius:"... waiting for all the others to die so that he could take their power!"*

*Dagger of Xian:"Ooops. I think we've made a terrible mistake..."*

*Chronicles5:"No doubt about it... and it seemed such a perfect plan!"*

*Lara:"But wait! Maybe if we..."


5th Jul 2002, 14:58
hey guys. just to tell ya im going away for two weeks, so i wont be on. o, and good work with the story!

5th Jul 2002, 16:33
*Lara:"But wait! Maybe if we find his central power....."*

but Lara was cut off by a sudden explosion from Lord Grashner.

*"what now?" Prelude asks*

*"run maybe????" Dagger of Xian says*

*"aaa...we better think fast cause this place isnt gonna hold itself for long," Chronicles5 says*

Lara then faints.

*" great not now!" Aquarius exclaims*

(continue...oh and to tell ya people i am going to D.R. for 1 month...in 10 days im going...gonna miss u people :( ......)

5th Jul 2002, 23:18
is anyone gonna post...im gonna bump this post up..its falling behind:(


7th Jul 2002, 20:12
{I've run out of ideas! Come on guys, this is a really nice story, it should go on, right?}

*Chronicles5:"this is really getting worse... but wait, didin't Lara mention something about central power?"*

*V_Croft:"She did, but I don't really know... Wait! Now, he's one, so what if we shoot him all together? Of course he has other powers, but... he's alone! no one will gain power if he's hurt."*


7th Jul 2002, 20:43
*"You don't suppose he would just melt away like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, do you??" says Prelude*
*"Probably not, unless someone happens to have any acid......"*

{I tried, don't know if this'll help any to get it moving again}

8th Jul 2002, 15:43
Ok guys, I’m back, I’m back, don’t panic, I had to go away for a few days. (monthly check in at the lunatic asylum) I have a plan for the story but don’t have time to write it now, I have to go to work. Next instalment when I get back, stay tuned.......

(ps. Dagger of Xian love your sig :D )

8th Jul 2002, 22:50
Prelude “This guy’s beginning to bore me!”
Chronicles5 “Right I think if we are going to do this we have to attack at the same time”
*Dagger of Xian gently wakes up Lara* “Lara if we are going to do this we have to do it together, we need you”
*Lara comes round and is helped to her feet*
*The gang form a circle around Load Grashner*
*Lara facing him the gang draw weapons*
*But without warning five bolts of lighting shoot out from Lord Grashner and strike V_Croft, Chronicles5, Aquarius, Coyotekid, Dagger of Xian and Prelude in turn, they are paralysed and drop weapons*
*Lara horrified keeps her focus on Lord Grashner* “Let them go” *she calmly threatens*
*As each member is lifted in the air now appearing to be in some sort of trance*
*Lord Grashner now feeding from them, as they become weaker, what looks like electricity flowing from their bodies into Lord Grasher*
*Lara Repeats her warning* “I said let them go” *as she side steps closer pistols ready*
Load Grashner “ah Miss Croft alone at last, now its just me and you”
Lara “How charming”
Lord Grashner voice is low and haunting “I have waited along time for this moment, and when I’ve finished your friends will be no more and you will become the wife I never had”
Lara “you don’t have much luck with women, do you?”
Lord Grashner “You and your pitiful followers are no match for my powers, I am a Lord you are a Lady, we were meant for each other, Lara it is your destiny......."
*Lord Grashner now starting to sound like the villain in a Star Wars movie*
Lara “Sorry sado, the weddings off”.......

(continue as Lara) (ps we are not dead!) (yet!)

9th Jul 2002, 00:16
(thanks Prelude!)

*Lara begins shooting Lord Grashner, he continues throwing lighnting bolts and chanting wird things...Lara's guess is to try to paralyze her*

*"HAHAHAHA...you wont be jumping and shooting for long! Cause i know the weakness i set upon you will soo come back!" Said Lord Grashner in a loud booming voice*

*"You are the one making me faint!?" Lara exclaimed still shooting*

*"Yes...and its working very well too..."*

*Lara then begins to feel weaker and weaker....*

(oo this story is great!!!....someone continue!)

10th Jul 2002, 19:36
bump bump bump

10th Jul 2002, 19:43
I think the story's dead now........ Truthfully, I lost interest in it awhile ago. Let it die peacefully now. :(

Everyone that had posted in it, are gone now.....

10th Jul 2002, 22:47
I haven't gone, and I don't think it should just die, it was a cool story. I have an idea for an ending and I will end it if you want :( As the post starter Aquarius, it's your call.

10th Jul 2002, 22:49
You can finish it if you want. I'm at least still interested in seeing how it ends. lol Is Scooby coming to the rescue again?? :D

10th Jul 2002, 23:14
lara begins to feel very weak....she is slowly slipping away while the insane Lord Grashner is still sucking the life out of her friends.....she stumbles to her knees...and looks up...right above lord grashner is a humungous stalactite sticking from the ceiling of the burial chamber.....lara hesitates and falls acting like she is dead...and then the lightning stops shooting and lord grashner gives out an evil laugh.....and suddenly, lara jumps up, pistols in hand and fires at the base of the stalactite and it breaks free! It falls and Lord grashner screams but he is to late to stop it! it falls on him crushing him..........(come on, keep going)!!!!!!

11th Jul 2002, 01:26
The gang fall to the floor from their suspended positions
As each one begins to come round from their trance Lara check’s them to make sure they’re ok.
Prelude “this is some hangover, oh my head, it’s worse than it was after Lara’s Bar-B-Q”
Chronicles5 “What happened?”
Aquarius “Lara are you Ok?”
Lara “Yes, I seem to be feeling much better”
V_Croft “What happened to Lord Grashner?”
Lara looks to the centre and the fallen stalactite “I guess I dumped him! That relationship was kinda heavy”
Prelude “Crushing!”
The gang approach Lord Grashner with caution
Coyotekid "oo what a mess"
Dagger of Xian “Is he.......dead?”
Aquarius rolls eyes “I should think so considering he was before”
Dagger of Xian hits him playfully “you know what I mean, is he.....gone?”
Lara “I think so”
Chronicles5 “who votes we get the hell outa here!”
Coyotekid “good idea”
Aquarius “yep I’m with you there”
Prelude “I need a beer”
The gang walk on, helping each other along, but Lara stays behind, she notices something in Lord Grashner hand, which is sticking out from under the stalactite. She bends down to see what it is, she opens his hand, it’s a.....wedding ring? Lara raises one eyebrow and looks closely at it, it must be centuries old, it has an inscription inside the band, it reads........Just then she hears V_Croft calling “Hey Lara you coming”
Lara “be right there” she runs to catch up with the gang.
Prelude “has anyone got any paracetamol?”
Aquarius “How we gonna get back then?”
Coyotekid “I don’t fancy going across that lake again”
As the gang step outside the door they find themselves back in the attic room, the first room they entered. They all look behind them but instead of the door to the chamber they just left there’s just a wall there now.
Dagger of Xian “what the hell.....”
Chronicles5 “how did that happen”
Prelude “oh god now I’m seeing things”
Aquarius “hey you guys you don’t suppose we imagined the whole thing do you?”
Prelude “no way I’m not imagining this headache!”
Coyotekid “yeah if I was imagining this my ankle wouldn’t hurt so much”
V-Croft “what do you think Lara?”
Lara reaches into her pocket and pulls out the gold band and smiles to herself “no I think it was real alright”
Just then a rope falls down from the trap door in the roof. “Hello down there” says LaraCroft_TombRaider “thought you might need a hand”
The gang look up to see the rest of the guests they left at the house peering down at them.
Dagger of Xian calls up to them “oh boy are we glad to see you guys, we thought we’d never get out of here”
“What are you talking about” says THE True Lara “you only left 5 minutes ago”
thanhkim “yeah you followed you straight up”
THE True Lara “come on guys you look like you need a drink”
The gang look at each other puzzled Aquarius whispers “but we’ve been gone hours”
Chronciles5 “shall we tell them what’s happened?”
Dagger of Xian “they’ll think we’re nuts!”
Lara “Lets keep this little mystery to ourselves shall we”
Then the gang notices that Prelude’s not there any more they look up to see her half way up the rope.
“HEY” Shouts Aquarius
“Sorry guys” Says Prelude “But I need a Beer!”

THE END..............or is it???????????

(Aquarius I didn’t think Scooby Doo was appropriate! Hope you like it anyway)

11th Jul 2002, 02:51
It was good, seemed just a little corny. "Crushing!" LMAO!! That was pathetic! lol The joke I mean.

I think you put it together very nicely.

11th Jul 2002, 12:14
Cool ending! i liked it a lot! :D

12th Jul 2002, 19:38
sorry i missed the end everyone, i was camping, then my internet crashed :(

very good ending as usual! :D

oh and btw, this one is way too long to make a .txt version, sorry :(

12th Jul 2002, 19:41
Wondered where you had got to? Welcome back, hope you had fun. Glad you liked the story. :D

Join in the new one posted by Beks, it's a right laugh :D