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14th Jan 2016, 21:49
First of all- this is suggestion, not a demand, or threat. Developers, if they`d even hear about it, can ignore it, laugh at it, or respond "no can do". It just some ideas, and what, or if they`d do anything with it, it`s up to them. I think this ideas would help improving game. You have full right to say "i don`t think so". But for the love of god- things like "it`s stupid", "i don`t like it" or "this don`t belong to story"(or at least you think i don`t) put over here without proper explenation, just for the sake of angering me is something that will tell us something about attention seekers. You can write more than 3 words sentences, you won`t die
So before even anybody starts flying of the handle accusing me of being "needy, toxic, and vile" i propose to knock your head agains a wall with all your might, so you can see if some wisdom would be knocked back into it. Imagine i am doing this to you. By proxy
Second- if someone put that kind of ideas, moderators, please close this thread.
1. Choosable enchantments and weapon upgrades. It was always bugging me but i never remembered it when i was on the Nosgoth site. Few days back i played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. a bit and it reminded me about this. And only reason i`m mentining it is because how illogocal it is in game. Should i go to weaponsmith carrying weapon with specyfic "upgrades" in mind i`d definietly choose guy who do what i want, and not old, drunken idiot who`d just grab a hammer, laugh like a maniac, stand over anvil and say "let`s just see what happens". Like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. specyfic improvements are carrying specyfic drawbacks, so it`s all good in the hood. no? If i want faster weapon- i`m aware, that it`ll reduce accuracy and make jamming more probable. If i choose accuracy- my weapon will spit smaller amount of lead, making me more vulnerable at the attacks from very close range, but at bigger distances it`ll count as advantage.
People have different styles of playing- so it only makes sense they should tune thier weapons to thier needs, not get stuck with some usless(to them) upgrade, because they`d run out of relic shards or gold. I am skirmisher type when i play as hunter- that means i should look for enchants and upgrades allowing me survive close combat, but still pretty accurate, because i often fight one on one.
And here we are at last. No offence, but "upgrades and enchantments" for a weapons- human weapons- are rather wierd. Why would granade improve my stun resits? Or whip help me reduce damage after a fall? Shouldn`t this be more like proper weapon improvement? Incresing fire rate- draw back is a recoil and less damage- as weapon shost(or it`s thrown) faster thanks to less weight of projectiles? Or greater accuracy and damage- but for smaller fire rate?
Granted- we have many weapons to choose from- and they do exactly what i am talking about here, but why weapon reforging gives some wierd abilites? My sword just got sharpened, that means i can lift about 30 kg more... Something along those lines. Why improving my ability to heal costs me accuracy? What one has to do with the other???
2. Skins. As it is now they are kind of useless. There is not many people who is willing to fork over 1200-1600 runestones just so they can look differently. And especially in countries like mine where 10 euros i sabout 45 złotych(pretty decent shopping money) ther are games- classics and even newer ones, i can buy for this kind of money. For example- Risen 3 costed me 60 złotych, this is what, not even 15 euro? I myself only buyed one skin "Veteran Hunter", using rest of the money to buy keys
Aside from look skins don`t give anything. I once suggested it in some other thread, nobody responded, so i put it out here once more :) : skins should have diffferent attributes- that would make them more interesting and would give second thoughts. Quicker movements(because armor is lighter than default- draw back- can tak less punishment), some resistance to damage, but movement are slower(Evolved Dumahim or mentioned Veteran Hunter armors), longer periods of abilities being active(longer invisibility), or stronger abilites(bigger radius of Abyssal Bolt,) but longer cooldwon- as this skins would be coverd in magic glyphs and runes, or shorter cool downs, but abilities would be not as stron or long lasting.
Oh and 3. Hunter Whip- give it ability to knock back flying Sentinels. Especially the ones that make 2 or 3 "U" turns in one kidnap attempt, makin dodging useless
funny, when Reaver pounce, Tyrant jumps, and Summoner throws some ball of light, they have one chance, but Sentinels and Decivers can do wathever they want, and have multiple chances to attack(Dominate Mind and Invisibility-That-Hurts-> I`m looking at you). How is that fair? This is by the way :)
Thank you, good night

14th Jan 2016, 21:53
Wall of text crits you for over 9000...
Friendly suggestion, if you want people to read this, add some formatting.

14th Jan 2016, 22:45
Wall of text crits you for over 9000...
Friendly suggestion, if you want people to read this, add some formatting.


15th Jan 2016, 05:08
As I was scrolling down to make a post imploring you to learn the most basic form of text formatting known to humankind, my eyes caught onto something:

"skins should have diffferent attributes"

Noooooooooooooo. How do you even mention fairness and somehow still suggest that?

15th Jan 2016, 14:55
Wall of text crits you for over 9000...
Friendly suggestion, if you want people to read this, add some formatting.
Oh my G... Ok, fine. As you wish, i don`t care
1. Proper Enchantins and Upgrades for weapons- smoething tha will improve weapon itself, not our ability to move faster or heal better as one has nothing to do with one another.
2. Skins should have different propeties- i used wrong word earlier. That way they`ll be looked upon as smart purchase, rather than useless expenditure. They shouldn`t make you invincible, but rather help tuning you character a little bit more to your playing style. For example basic Dumahim armor protects you against 3-4% of damage done by normal weapons and also slows you down by 2-3%, Dumahim Platemail protects you against 5-7% but slows you down about 3-4%, and Nightstalker Mail(all these are just examples) allows you to move 3-4% quicker than basic armor, but protect you only against 2-3% of damage as it is lighter(one of possible explenations for that statistic) than rest of armors. And so on with other calns, classes and armors...
3. Whip attack having ability to knock back vampires trying to pounce, or kidnap- then it would be real alternative for bola, not some other version of melee attacks

15th Jan 2016, 19:42
2. Skins should have different propeties- i used wrong word earlier.

"Properties" is synonymous with "attributes" in this context, actually. And it's still an awful idea. Nobody, nobody EVER, has given positive feedback to a pay-to-win model. And yes, by suggesting benefits be granted via the real-money-costing skins, that is the model suggested here. If people viewed them as "useless expenditure", they wouldn't buy them. If you view them as "useless expenditure" and buy them anyway, you're bad with money.

Whip attack knocking back a pouncer sounds good. Maybe just a slight stagger or redirect on kidnap though.

16th Jan 2016, 21:51
(Wall of text has sunk my battleship.)

I feel like the whole attributes, forge, and talents components don't mix well at all. It's clunky. Anything that's clunky takes away from the game. That should be a no-no...

I do agree that weapon/special ability attributes should have effects that specifically enhance them, but I don't know where you would put global enhancement effects like All Cooldowns -X%. Like I said, it's clunky. Really though, a repeating crossbow should get an attribute that says +5 bolts per clip, not +10% clip ammo. That takes away from immersion.

A parts or components system would be really cool. I'm ignoring the fact that it would take a year or two for such a system to see the light of day but it would be neat. Prophet enchanted ammo, sigil gifts from Kain for armor adornment... The possibilities are there.

No to attributes on skins though, unless they are controllable by the player as in they work as another enchantment slot. Maybe global effects could go there.

17th Jan 2016, 00:32
No to attributes on skins though, unless they are controllable by the player as in they work as another enchantment slot. Maybe global effects could go there.

Now that I like, effects you can attach via the forge and such. Could tailor different skins to different playstyles and loadouts.
But just having the purchaseable skins with effects pre-attached is pay-to-win territory.

21st Jan 2016, 18:58
Yeah, true- wasn`t thinking clearly, was angry at some people and stuff, nevermind. Glad, your pointed out weak points. Well i think putting enchants that would speed up cool downs and boost your running speed should be on armor in my opinion, not on weapons
And i think it`b be cool if i could boost dmg for boltthrower, or speed for siegebow- of course loosing somethin in return :) bigger spread, or recoil