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14th Jan 2016, 14:07
Greetings Ladies and Gents,

my name is Kammellion and I am planning on a blind playthrough of the game Life is Strange on YouTube.
I do not know anything about this game other than apparently it is a good game, it is story based and divided into episodes. Apparently these episodes are between 1,5 and 2,5 hours long, depending on the player.

Because I will do a blind let's play of this game for the channel, I would like to get some advice to see what I am getting myself into (spoiler free!). For example, is this game also choice based with different outcomes?

The most burning question I have would be, can I save my game during episodes? Like in the middle of episode 1, can I save my game and continue later?

Lastly, give me any spoiler free advice you can give me :D . I am really looking forward to play this game for the channel.


EDIT: I just got a pm from someone asking about the channel, I will post a link here for those who are interested: https://www.youtube.com/c/Kammellion
Please, do not feel obliged to check it out :-) .

14th Jan 2016, 17:44
There are checkpoints when you enter any scene, so yes, you can save it in the middle. :)
Each episode is more of 2 - 3,5 hours long, it's 1,5 hour only when you rush and ignore everything, when you literally run from cutscene to cutscene.
Yes, the game is choice based, and will remind you often that you did this and that. And though there is a little number of endings, throughout the game you will feel like your chouces really matter.
Hope it helped. :)

14th Jan 2016, 17:47
Thank you very much Tataboj :D ! That really helped. I hope I will be able to record the game properly and there are enough breaks in it for me. I just cannot bring out a video of more than 2 hours if I want to bring out a video a day, considering my mandatory commitments in life like University.

16th Jan 2016, 16:40
I just recorded the first episode of my let's play (not the whole first episode of the game haha!) and it seems my computer system is very able to record this game, yeah! Too bad about all this copyright indie music problem by the way. But I will continue this let's play with it's original music anyway :D . Episode will be up this Wednesday :-) .

7th Feb 2016, 13:27
I'm back from holiday guys :D ! Let's plays of To the Moon and Life is Strange will continue as normal around wednesday/thursday/friday (depends on my time schedule).
For those interested, around those days a holiday vlog will launch on the channel too :D !

13th Feb 2016, 19:15
Thank you for 250 subscribers guys! People like you make it all so worth while <3 ! The next LiS will air tomorrow and with it the ending of episode 01! :O Thank you all for sticking with me!

As a celebration, I have done a little 250 sub video where I celebrate and announce a Q&A! If you have a question for me, feel free and please ask! I need to fill up the next vlog with questions after all :D !