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1st Jul 2002, 19:18
I think to save a lot of people from having massive headaches, lol, we should have some basic rules to 'prevent confusion'.

1. Once you die, you're dead. None of this spontaneous reincarnatinon stuff. And NO GHOSTS!!
*except to this rule is ONE impersonation, OR an evil twin type thing*

2. You are allowed to kill one other person in the story. So make it a good death!!

3. The original starter of the post can pick what part of the story to go w/, if two ppl post at the same time.


If you want to add some more good rules, go ahead. This helps everyone.

AND REMEMBER: Only you can prevent mass confusion. ;)

1st Jul 2002, 19:25
1 last rule:
if u die in a story, u are alive in the next story(just to be fair)

1st Jul 2002, 19:29
aquaris, why dont you join us at Lara's Bday party?
cya there!:cool:

1st Jul 2002, 19:32
I'm going to hold back on posting there, just a little bit. Just to see what develops. Then I'll really bring the chaos! :D

1st Jul 2002, 19:38
sounds good cya there:cool:

1st Jul 2002, 20:21
Lara must never die!!


-no profanity or direct insults against other members (ahem.. cough LaraCroft_TombRaider cough cough)

-Please refrain from using Carlos Stefano Cardino Tripoli Zelda Natla Bartoli Palo Leigh Rodriguez Birkenhauser Aberkruzhnev MCLXXXIX as a charecter unless it is really funny, he was just a bit overused.

-Limit on shadowy figures: ___ (--- how many should this be?? :confused:

2nd Jul 2002, 02:06
This is 7 now, I think??

7. The creator of the thread cannot be killed off. For their own protection if someone does not like how the plot has gone.

2nd Jul 2002, 02:10
Please please regard position of all characters are being told in the story before you post, so you know where's the plot heading.

2nd Jul 2002, 13:52
Originally posted by Aquarius


This isn't refering to my Scooby do ending is it??????
I thought it was quite good :D

2nd Jul 2002, 14:05
Originally posted by Prelude
This isn't refering to my Scooby do ending is it??????

actually, quite the opposite, I loved your Scooby Doo ending, you pulled together all the clues you threw out in the story, you did a good job! :D

2nd Jul 2002, 14:07
gee thanks http://www.plauder-smilies.de/happy/xyxthumbs.gif

2nd Jul 2002, 18:27
But then, I can't add all of my really good plot twists! :D

2nd Jul 2002, 18:46
did you read my plot?!?!!!?!?!?!?? that's way more than 60 words!! its awesome too, no Aquarius don't make that a rulee, it would ruin the story :(

2nd Jul 2002, 18:57
9. To save from a lot of confusion in the post, DO NOT post your questions in the story.

Send a PM to the creator, or to someone else who's been adding to the story.

10. If the Creator makes a decision about a fork in the plot, they should send a PM to the person asking them to either change their post, or delete it.

11. Violation of the rules disqualifies you from posting until there have been 10 posts since your last post.

Thank you, have a nice day. :)