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13th Jan 2016, 09:32
I've completed the Game with 100%, still ive missing one Handgun, one Rifle and two Shotguns. Can someone help?

Recurve Bow [Bow]
Compound Bow [Bow]
Ancient Horn Bow [Bow]
Grim Whisper [Bow]
Death's Breath [Bow]
White Widow [Bow]
Guiding Light [Bow]

Revolver [Handgun]
Semi-Auto Pistol [Handgun]
Heavy Pistol [Handgun]
Accipiter Nox [Handgun]
Moon Shadow [Handgun]
Venom Hand Cannon [Handgun]
Rattlesnake Revolver [Handgun] - played the game in the first month (?) - or Matte Ebony Magnum?

SMG [Rifle]
Assaut Rifle [Rifle]
Bolt Action Rife [Rifle]
Military Rife [Rifle]
??? [Rifle]

Pump-Action Shotgun [Shotgun]
Break-Action Shotgun [Shotgun]
Full-Action Shotgun [Shotgun]
Tactical Shotgun [Shotgun]
Thunderclap [Shotgun] - get 100% ingame (?)
??? [Shotgun]

19th Jan 2016, 21:22
I'd have to turn on the console to confirm their names, but it seems you're missing the Rattlesnake Revolver (a community award, it was given to everyone who played during the launch month) and the Thunderclap Shotgun (awarded for 100% completion) on that list.

Still short of a rifle and a shotgun, which I'd assume will be in each upcoming DLC (ie one in Baba Yaga and the other in Cold Darkness Awakened).

23rd Jan 2016, 17:03
I've booted the game after a while and remembered this topic. I don't have all DLC, but anyway, I noticed I have 4/5 Bows Found, and the very first of them ('Recurve Bow') seems to be missing from your list? Seven bows in total, then?

I can confirm 'Rattlesnake' handgun and 'Thunderclap' shotgun as separate and unique entries.

Also, maybe worth noting that some outfits may change some weapons... For instance, wearing the 'Immortal Guardian' outfit will change the 'Combat Knife' to 'Piercing Truth Dagger'; the 'Pioneer' outfit replaces 'Climbing Axe' with 'Vintage Climbing Axe'... just cosmetic changes, but still.

24th Jan 2016, 20:27
I've completed the Game with 100%, still ive missing one Handgun, one Rifle and two Shotguns. Can someone help?

Handgun: Matte Ebony Magnum
Shotgun: Thunderclap

As far as I know, there are only four rifles and five shotguns. I don't know what else you could be missing. Could be upcoming weapons from the Baba Yaga expansion.

29th Jan 2016, 09:08
checked again. I have no Thunderclap, but I have 100% Completion.

There are 5 Rifles and 6 Shotguns:
http://i.imgur.com/k2jN8ek.png http://i.imgur.com/2IRDMD8.png

29th Jan 2016, 21:17
That's so weird. I have both on my Xbox 360, can provide photos if you like, but I should be able to supply PC screenshots in a couple of days. I think the Ebony magnum might be a skin that gets equipped automatically with a specific outfit, like I mentioned in my previous post, but I should be able to confirm that in a couple of days as well.

4th Feb 2016, 00:13
Hey lordfish! As promised, this is the Thunderclap, just unlocked it on Steam by clearing the game 100%.



I still don't have all DLC (on either PC or Xbox 360), but I'll get back to you on any additional weapon info I can come up with. :)