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11th Jan 2016, 02:06
I wasn't sure where to post this, so if it's in the wrong forum, please move it.

I played Fortune Street on the Wii and absolutely love it! I sold my Wii a couple months ago, and now I'm getting the urge to play this game again. I was disappointed to learn that the game is not available on PC or Nintendo DS/3DS. I got excited to learn it's available on iPhone, but my phone is an Android and the game is not available on Android.

I would really love to see a release of this game on PC, Android, and/or Nintendo 3DS. I don't know how to submit this request and I'm looking for any way to make this a reality.


27th Feb 2016, 05:28
Square Enix sells Itadaki Street in Square Enix market (http://an.sqexm.net/sp/site/Page/sqmk/itadaki/top), their original Android app store in Japan, but not in Google Play.
There's no English version for the game now. But I suppose it's not so difficult for them to create English version.

Some of the games they sell in the Square Enix market aren't available in Google Play.
I think most of them are not sold well so they're not available in Google Play.

Sorry if my English is strange.
I hope you can get Fortune Street on PC, Android or 3DS in the future.


From a Japanese Itadaki Street fan since I played the first game of the series on my Famicom in 1991.

28th Feb 2016, 23:46
I ended up buying an Apple IPad just so I could play this game. :-D It was worth it, though, because this is such a great game. I hope they realize how good this game is and eventually make it available on more devices.
Thanks for the reply. :)