View Full Version : FF XIV Humble Bundle Key

7th Jan 2016, 20:37
I used to be playing the Testversion from Steam, and now, that i had found an Humble Bundle with FF XIV, i thought, i could play it again. But: I start the launcher, log me in, give the key, and getting to the Mogry-Station. Im a little bit confused, but okay. Log me in at the Mogry-Station, follow the path and now they tell me, that i cant use this key to upgrade my Testversion to an original Version. What the ***?! I mean, i brought this game, and now i cant use this *** of a key?! If I need to create a new account, it would be dump! I mean, every other MMO can do it, why not FF? Even the dumbest, little MMO have even more Support then I getting here!
I wanted to play this game, because the game as it is, is great. But with such problems, such community and such support, i think its not the money woth!