View Full Version : Please consider re-releasing Richard Burns Rally as a downloadable title

6th Jan 2016, 00:36

In a previous life, almost a decade ago, what is now Square enix Europe published Richard Burns rally, which is still one of the best racing games out there.

I don't know what the legal situation is and who owns the rights and maybe Square Enix Europe does not know either. The developer is defunct and who knows where the source code has gone; square enix has gone through mergers since. If it is within your power I want Square enix Europe to consider re-releasing the game on steam or GOG with only minor changes. Notably, native integration of oculus SDK and steam VR and perhaps HDR if you feel the need to spruce it up.

About a year ago oculus rift 0.6 SDK support was modded in by Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen ( homepage: http://www.kegetys.fi/ ). I've had the opportunity to try this and a few other racing games in VR and RBR is god-damned amazing in VR. The hardware demands are also mercifully low given the games' age, but it does not hurt the sense of presense or joy of playing it at all.

The game is today somewhat hard to get ahold of, somewhat messy to install the VR support mod, doesn't support the vive, and won't support oculus SDK 1.0 unless modded back in. Basically, it would very much benefit from being repackaged and republished by a proper publisher.

Some supporting evidence that RBR in the rift is a great experience:

As a €10-15 downloadable title I have a feeling there will be a lot of interested from early VR adopters this year; possibly even a must-have-title.

9th May 2016, 17:25
I support this idea! :thumb: This game is not anywhere anymore in any format.