View Full Version : Your Favourite Final Fantasy Memory

4th Jan 2016, 21:30
Come on fans, tell me about your best Final Fantasy memories and feelings through the years! :rasp:

* I remember beeing 14 years old, playing the PC-demo of Final Fantasy 8 over and over again literally every night after school for 2 months. I had recently finished FF7 and was just introduced to the FF-series. The demo was in the training area in Balamb Garden. I thought Squall was so fricking cool, and the spells/music and summons were just amazing. When I didn't play the demo I searched for pictures and videos on "altavista" on the internet, LOL.

* I remember picking up FF8 (PC version) in the store on releaseday (they hade those big boxes for pc games back then lol) - I was the luckiest guy on earth. God, had goosebumps when a saw the intro for the first time, seeing squall fight with his gun blade. :thumb:

Even if FFIX and later games are fantastic, the play through of FF7 and FF8 were truly amazing. Best games ever made.

30th Apr 2016, 13:03

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