View Full Version : Is the PS2 version any good ?

Stone Cold
1st Jul 2002, 15:07
Hey all.
Can anyone tell me some more about the PS2 version of DX ?
How does it play with Dual Shock 2 ?
Is it a good conversion etc.

1st Jul 2002, 16:05
The initial response on the old forums was positive, but since I'm not a PS2 person, I cannot give a definite answer. It may take a day or two for folks to find their way here and give a more informed reply.


1st Jul 2002, 16:51
Yes, the PS2 version is very good. I tend to go for the PC version of a game if it's offered for both platforms, but I had to get the PS2 version just to see it. Haven't finished it yet. Haven't even helped Paul yet. But I've enjoyed the PS2 version every bit as much as the PC version. (The frequent level loading is a weeee bit annoying, but that comes with the territory I guess.)

Stone Cold
1st Jul 2002, 17:16
OK Thanx you 2.
Because I'm considering of buying this game myself.

1st Jul 2002, 21:04
I haven't played the PS2, but I have the PC. back in the day when i played it on a 333mhz celeron, the frequent level loads were annoying. But now that i have a 1.8ghz, the level loads take half a sec, and are FAST

(It surprised me when the level loaded so fast on my new comp)

8th Jul 2002, 13:47
One nice additions to the PS2 version is the vibration function in the Dual Shock controller. When you get hit, you know it, and when large bots walk by, it transmits to the controller as they make the earth shake. Fun!

I'm totally unused to consoles, and bought my PS2 so I could play the PS2 version of DX. Since then, life has intervened, so I have not finished the PS2 version (played the PC version countless times). Given that I am totally unused to controllers, I *really* like the Dual Shock controller. It is easy to learn, easy to hold...I just have trouble aiming, but that's because I have a hand problem. All in all, I am pleased with it, and with the DX conversion to PS2.

Stone Cold
8th Jul 2002, 18:20
Yeah, the Dual Shock controller remains my favorite when it comes to the consoles.
The Dreamcast controller comes 2nd.

I was wondering about the control system for PS2.
I hope I can get the game this week.
Sadlyt, it's gonna be a tough choice between DX, or Aliens Vs. Predator 2 for PC.