View Full Version : Final Fantasy VII - PS4 Speed Square Bug

1st Jan 2016, 20:03
I've encountered a bug/freeze during the speed square shooter game at the gold saucer. After shooting the ufo the coaster stops and the screen is stuck/frozen. Quitting the application is the only way out.

I've seen a couple of other reports of this wondering if there is a workaround or possible patch incoming?

Right after shooting ufo it freezes on this screen.

I've tried not using 3x speed anywhere near the golden saucer area multiple times(walking all the way there from world map.). I don't know what to do. =(

2nd Jan 2016, 15:20
I too just encoutered this bug. The roller coaster just stops after beating the big flying saucer. I thought aswell that it could be because of using the x3 speed but I reloaded and even playing at normal speed the thing just stops, you can still move the crosshair though. Will this get adressed or what? I'm trying to get a perfect game but its impossible with this bug..

2nd Jan 2016, 17:03
Possible fix found.

2nd Jan 2016, 17:42
Thanks mate!