View Full Version : Bring Final Fantasy Mystic with update Graphic to PC :)

1st Jan 2016, 05:46
I'm currently playing Final Fantasy V on PC and loving it. Gotta love good old Turned base Combat system and old school graphic. (2d)

I heard that Square Enix are planning on bringing Final Fantasy 9 on PC :). I figured I can throw in a wish, Square Enix can you bring Final Fantasy Mythic Quest with update graphic with Turned Base Combat on PC as well?

I'm sure hardcore Fans will buy them in a heartbeat.

1st Jan 2016, 07:29
One developer once remade the game but then he tried to cash in on it by defrauding people unfortunately. You can see a video of it here: https://youtu.be/6v35zdlaxVg
This is an unofficial version, Square Enix did not approve it.