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1st Jan 2016, 02:12
So, I spent the better part of the last two hours with a real look at the Endurance mode and I have a few questions, just wondering what fellow players have observed on their own expeditions:

1) I had a massive (and I mean it) shortage of wood. For some reason Lara would only collect leaves from branches but never wood, so every piece of wood that ever ended up in my inventory was only those found by dead bodies or inside loot crates. Now, after I failed by death, I started a quick run for the "Well Done" achievement, equipped a Master card (so all skills unlocked etc) and noticed Lara could collect the wood branches she was so happily ignoring before.

My question is... in that first run, I *did* upgrade Lara quite an awful lot, so I don't think it was a missing skill or something. Are there different patterns the game loads (there were no mushrooms to collect the first time around, for instance) upon each new run, or was I just unfortunate enough to engage seriously in a game which hadn't loaded up properly?

2) The world. My god it's absolutely massive. Is it randomly generated? I spent 8 days running around and only came across three crypts. Fell into traps in every single one of them. Is there any trick to finding crypts easier/quicklier? I can see a problem having to find and clear out 5 crypts without falling into any traps if I keep that same pace... I had the skills unlocked but as there is no map it wasn't as useful as it could be (still could see artifact cases through objects, so it was good enough).

That's all I can remember for now. I'm not really bothered by leaderboards and scores in this mode so I'll keep using the warmth/hunger cards to make my life easier, but I do want to clear up all the achievements, so any ideas are welcome.

I'm playing on the Xbox 360 by the way.

4th Jan 2016, 02:21
Is this Endurance Mode playable offline? I refuse to buy it if not.

4th Jan 2016, 12:56
Is this Endurance Mode playable offline? I refuse to buy it if not.

I don't see why not, but having said that I haven't tried. None of the Expedition modes seem to require online for the actual game play, just the leaderboards.

4th Jan 2016, 21:25
Is this Endurance Mode playable offline? I refuse to buy it if not.

I totally relate to the sentiment. I don't really game on my Xbox 360, bought it a couple of years back when conditions were favorable and I really wanted to play the two exclusive Underworld DLC levels, but I've had all sorts of connectivity issues upon trying to get the console updated and ready for Rise late in November. Issues I don't have with any other wifi console or device, so yeah.

ANYWAY, back to your question: I've just tested it myself. I disconnected my Xbox from my home wifi. Get the following message along the way:

You are not currently connected to Xbox Live. If you continue now, you will not be able to use cards or challenges, receive credits, or post to the leaderboards for this run. Do you want to continue?

So as it states, I can't pick any challenges (and as such can't earn any of the achievements, keep that in mind) or use any of the modifier cards, but it still loads up and runs as expected so you can say it's playable offline, yes.