View Full Version : Key Bindings

30th Dec 2015, 12:09
I want to use mouse 4 or / and 5 buttons, but I can't bind it in keybindings. There is a chance to improve key bindings menu?

30th Dec 2015, 14:28
I can bind stuff to my thumb buttons. Maybe a problem with recognising your mouse or something?

Can you generally bind things to any other button? Did you do anything fancy with your button assignment using the mouse's software?

30th Dec 2015, 14:38
Well, forget it. I was just n00b and dunno what did earlier. It's working. Plz delete this thread.

8th Jan 2016, 14:49
Not always working.
Used mouse bindings for long time, but after one update i can't bind it. Now i have Q and F emulated by mouse, because it will not reset by update.