View Full Version : so what do you guys think about the new forum?

1st Jul 2002, 14:00
I think it's great to have a brand new forum, what do you guys think about the new forum?

1st Jul 2002, 15:00
There are lots of really good features. First of all I like the new colour scheme. I am a fan of grey, and I dislike light blue, so this new colour is a huge improvement for me. Next I like having the control panel with all my subscribed forums so that everything is on a single page. I think the online indicator is really good as is the buddy list and the ability to have private messages. I am also really glad to have the ability to disable signatures. I absolutely abhor signatures which are not related to the game in the forum. The local time display is a great feature for those of us outside of the US. Finally I can tell how old messages are by looking at the time. I also like the fact that I can edit my messages for typos within 2 mins of posting without the edit sign coming out. I like the voting function and I also like the rating function which I have not used yet. There are loads of other cool features.

1st Jul 2002, 16:22
where's the option to change subscribed forums to something other than none?

But yes, VB is very nice. The forums (fora?) layout is a bit unweildy. I don't know if the place has enough traffic to warrant so many categories for each game. Some games probably do I guess, but not many.

1st Jul 2002, 23:58
When you first enter a forum with a list of the threads, you should see an option on the top right hand side to subscribe to that forum. Then when you go to the user control panel, you'll see it there. I think the subcategories are OK. In time they will get filled up too. And yes you are right, the plural of forum is fora. Just a bad habit of mine to spell it as forums. Thanks for reminding me.

2nd Jul 2002, 02:35
Actually I left out some of the new composition features, such as the ability to use different fonts and colour. They come is really handy when giving out detailed notes to help people. Makes long complicated stuff easy to read.

2nd Jul 2002, 02:36
I think we'll be tinkering with the layout. Just a guess. Having all the game sub-forums collapsed will, I think, tend to make people not explore new places. But I could be wrong.

Also, having the Edit, Quote, PM, etc links at the BOTTOM of everyone's post seems odd. If they were at the top (which I know is possible), that seems more intuitive, given that they'd be right next to everyone's names.

But, from a functionality standpoint, for both n00bs, regular members, and mods, these forums are a huge step up over UBB 5.5

2nd Jul 2002, 03:23
I wrote to Grey Mouser about moving the bar on top. But no reply yet. I guess he is busy. It makesm ore sense I think to have it on top, as you say.

2nd Jul 2002, 05:43
I love the new forums and am just getting used to them. It's not just the color scheme, but the fact that this forum is so much more powerful than the previous one. I'm currently overusing the PM fuction, at ICEBreaker's expense, for example. The control panel is a tremendous help. I can just go to the panel and have all my new tools within reach. I can PM someone, check to see if anyone has replied to my posts, and observe all activities in my subscribed forums. And that's just to name a few. If I didn't have a lab report to write up I'd put down a few more pages on this. In short, however, I love the new forums.