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29th Dec 2015, 01:06
I received this message, which is most CERTAINLY NOT FROM SQUARE ENIX::

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Dec 2015
Join the Closed BETA of a new Hitman!

You have been choosen to join the Closed BETA of a new Hitman!

To claim your Beta Key please visit THIS PAGE.

the link goes to - [mod edit] link removed [/mod edit]

which is most certainly NOT square enix. BE WARNED! BE SAFE!

29th Dec 2015, 06:45
Hi kptchris,

Thank you for reporting this. As we are not able to see/control Private Messages it's important that Private Messages like this are reported so that we can take the necessary action to protect our users. I have removed the link from your above posts in order to prevent users accidentally clicking it or giving it more exposure.

Thanks again.

21st Jan 2016, 13:10
I received it and i did enter in the link without knowing this. It happens something?