View Full Version : Rise of the tomb raider sound issues

29th Dec 2015, 00:15
When I play rise of the tomb raider i can't hear some of the characters voices, including tape recordings and some background noise. however there are times when I can hear them but for a moment and then it cuts out. I have already Uninstalled the game twice. I have tried to even lower the game sound and music to off and I still can't hear them. Please help I really want to enjoy my game.

30th Dec 2015, 15:33
I'm having the same issue. Tried reboots and re starts no luck. Please Help.

22nd Jan 2016, 23:52
I Have the same issue even after the newest update. I thought it was just me that had it but turns out its not. Can I have some help here please ? I want to enjoy the game but cannot thanks to this. Anybody know how to fix it ?

23rd Jan 2016, 00:00
Ok I cannot hear Cut scenes as well. No mention about about it on the master bug list. Its obvious no one cares.

28th Jan 2016, 21:19
Same with me, this for PC

29th Jan 2016, 00:53
Also having issues with PC in this area.

29th Jan 2016, 14:03
No problems at all with Sound Blaster Xtreme Music with Windows 10

29th Jan 2016, 14:08

There were some suggestions in this thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/391220/discussions/0/451852225135189383/
Does that resolve your issues?

29th Jan 2016, 16:33
Is there any update on these issues for Xbox One? Since the new patch you can't hear any voices in the pre-rendered cutscenes so i've no idea what's going on!

1st Feb 2016, 11:34
For people that have the audio issue on Xbox One go into Settings and then Display and Sound, Then go to Audio output and change the HDMI Audio to either 5.1 uncompressed or Stereo uncompressed and that should solve the problem your having.
I'm sure there is an option on PC to change the HDMI Audio so try the same thing and it should work.
Hope This Helped.

7th Feb 2016, 12:34
Guys I had the same problem, at least i think:s, i realized that the voices were there but they were inaudible(extremely low) and it seemed that the problem was ... like some issue with the surround sound. So I search for it and my problem was solved by doing this:

if you have a normal 2.0/2.1 (stereo)
Go to sounds>playback select your speakers/headphones and click configure and choose the stereo option!
If you have a different type of headphones just choose the right configuration for it

As for the xbox i cannot help you cause i don't have one...

Hope it fixes your problem :)

19th Feb 2016, 03:37
Having same issue, only have audio issues in cut-scenes. I have 5.1 Surround and all of my sound settings reflect that. Ideas?

20th Feb 2016, 22:12
You can always try with reseting audio settings. Save content in folder as .bat and run it as admin. Wont do any harm.

ECHO Reset Volume Mixer Settings...

NET STOP Audiosrv
NET STOP AudioEndpointBuilder

REG DELETE "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\Audio\PolicyConfig\PropertyStore" /F
REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\Audio\PolicyConfig\PropertyStore"

NET START Audiosrv