View Full Version : Oil resource glitch / Can't collect Oil resource

28th Dec 2015, 12:11
Playing on Xbox one using the physical CD in the console. (ROTTR)
In the main campaign.
Have not been into expedition mode at all.
Have not saved anything on any other save slot.
I'm up to the Geothermal Valley but have been unable to pick up either oil cans or oil from the patches on the floor of some caves, etc. anywhere in the game so far.
The oil resource acts like any other environment object, ie. there is no 'press the blue X button' icon prompt and Lara can't interact with any oil at all.
This is starting to become a problem because I will need fire arrows soon. (I've made do with Molotov cocktails up to now for burning flags, etc.).
Don't know if it's relevant but I can't get Lara to do any sort of high dive from platforms either, even though the challenge suggestion displayed ok and told me to use the LT trigger but I can't get it to work so far.
Any help appreciated. Thanks. :)

28th Dec 2015, 14:46
I would recommend you saving your game in rotation from time to time in different save slots.

I know that you can't collect oil until you need it at a certain stage in the game.

The high dive can be a little tricky. You need to walk towards the edge of the platform, jump and immediately pull the trigger.

11th Jan 2016, 09:55
Thanks Tecstar70. You were right, once I'd done the light the watch fire task I got an oil container and then it all worked properly. My mistake. :scratch: cheers :wave: