View Full Version : CM All Stars Money Tips?

26th Dec 2015, 11:55
I just started playing this game and I'm enjoying it, although I'm struggling to make money and earn transfer token system. Do you guys have any tips for earning transfer money easily and quickly?

27th Dec 2015, 18:15
The game is not really designed to make money easily I'm affraid!

However, I would advise that early on you invest gold stars in your training grounds, to make training your squad cheaper. Drills training with level 4 training grounds gives 5 training points per go (level 5 training grounds cost another 300 stars so might not be worth it initially)

Some players that are worth getting to train and sell are Tielemans and Walace. Make them central defenders, then train Marking, Defensive positioning, tackling, heading and strength only. Tielemans costs 17m and can be sold for 65mln this way; Walace costs 23mln and can be sold for 76mln.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you want until you have what you need. Fair warning however, it will still take quite a while!

Edit: some other players that work well: Scuffet (GK); buy 21 mln, sell 81mln. Bielik (make DC when you buy him); buy 9.5mln, sell 60mln.

I'm sure there are some other players out there who will be able to recommend different names for this purpose!

28th Dec 2015, 10:46
Thanks for the tips! But how can I get that kind of money? I'm at like 100k right now but I'm trying to do the single player 2m challenges but it's got a little too hard, do you think I should start again and buy one of these players?

28th Dec 2015, 17:28
Not sure to be honest! You could try and max out what you currently have, sell them off and replace with players with more potential. Starting over again costs extra time and the game is slow as it is (by design).

As a general rule, younger players have more potential. Also, if you have players with the same rating but different values you can be quite certain that the more expensive player has more potential.

Just remember it is initially important to invest your stars in training grounds to make the training more efficient (i.e. Reduce cost per training point) - most players have at least some potential to work with.

Try finding the right skills to train for each position as well - value will not increase if you don't train the right skills. Much of this is easy to figure out - strikers benefit from raising finishing, movement, pace etc; not from training marking or leadership. Attacking midfielders benefit from long shots, creativity and others, not from defensive positioning or strength. If you use some common sense that way you can make the most of your training points!

28th Dec 2015, 17:53
I already spent most of my stars and I'm on about 40 currently, I'll probably have to buy more to get that training drill upgrade, or is there any other way of earning that currency? My average rating is about 63 or so. I'll work on trying to train the younger players and sell them on.

How can I get transfer tokens other than buying them? It seems way too hard without buying them

29th Dec 2015, 09:55
You get 15 free gold stars a day if you log in only very briefly each day so that is about 450 a month - they add up over time!

Transfer token wise, I agree this is difficult but if you're willing to take some risk you could try tournament mode to earn extra silver coins and buy tokens that way. Another way is to befriend other players and ask them for daily transfer tokens