View Full Version : Happy Holidays from the Nosgoth Team!

25th Dec 2015, 15:13
Denizens of Nosgoth,

Whether favour the Vampire or Human side of this war between species, everyone here working on Nosgoth would like to wish you all a joyous, safe & wonderful Holiday period. We hope you all have a fantastic time, maybe even to come across some of you in-game (I'll certainly be stalking Nosgoth's battlefields - Oghamsmith).

To celebrate this time of year, we're running a double XP event, and also giving away some starter packs. You'll need to be quick to grab these keys, though as we're sending them out on a first come - first served basis! If you didn't managed to get any of the above, don't worry, we'll be giving more keys away on www.Twitter.com/Nosgoth throughout the day. Make sure to keep an eye out over there if you're eager to get a pack.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
The Nosgoth Team

25th Dec 2015, 19:00
1-Where I put the code to get the starter pack?
2-When you will fix that damned chests? I buy more or less 80 (yhea 80) chests in this last month and half and 0 skins, before have them is quite easy, but now, NOTHING
3-The double EXP don't work

26th Dec 2015, 04:24
lol, tried about 8 combinations of latest keys after 30 mins they were post on twit.
Failed everysingle one and got "banned" for to much tries on steam.

26th Dec 2015, 08:59
So I posted this october 2014.


I still want my Tyrant in a santa hat though!

At last, my dream was accomplished in that image! I take full credit for that.