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24th Dec 2015, 22:33
Hey guys i bought a cheap android phone purely for CM16 so i can have two careers one on my tablet and one on my phone, now i always end up starting in england so decided i wanted a change, my options i had in mind was Italy, Germany and France and having toured the second leagues of those i decided that my career will start in germany with RasenBallsport Leipzig e.V.,(RB Leipzig).
I have only signed 2 players, scott brown(Celtic) and jan mauersberger(Karlsruher SC)
A newgen has popped up so far by the name of Ali Eckhardt(GK) only 18 and looks a decent prospect in the future, need to wait untill january to loan him out. currently worth £1.9m.

Scott Brown has had a decent start to life in germany scoring 2 goals in 5 matchs and averaging around 7 in match rating.

I'll keep you guys informed of this career.

7th Jan 2016, 01:53
This isn't in depth untill or if they will be a career section.

RB Leipzig 2015-2016(left) League - 9th Cup - 2nd
Adanaspor 2016-2017(left) League - 7th Cup - 3rd
Alloa Athletic 2017-2018(sacked) League - 9th Cup - 1st
Morecambe 2018-

Managed to achieve my objectives with both teams but moved on each season, Alloa was a tough one as Cordoba wanted me as well, ill eventually manage in England I hope if I don't commit myself to Alloa.

Will post some screenshots of my managerial stats soon.

10th Jan 2016, 00:46
My season as Alloa manager was utter crap we just failed to perform which led to me being sacked my first time ever on champ man mobile, I applied for a few jobs and got rejected except Morecambe who were happy to have me as manager but making sure I don't make a hash of things here like I did at Alloa they only offered me a 1 year contract(harsh), oh well looks like a year at Morecambe it is like my past managerial career.