View Full Version : PS3 jaggies and flickering shadows?

24th Dec 2015, 01:10
Okay so this isn't really a LIS problem more of a TV/HDMI problem but I only notice it in this game, but anyway I have a weird glitch where the shadows are like weird and they sort of flicker and the eyebrows on other characters besides Max are jagged and their eyes are fuzzy, I notice flickering on some objects too. I play on PS3 on a Hisense HDTV (it's goes up to 1080p) I don't know the exact model and I'm not very technical but it really bothers me, I'm have some pictures. [

Sorry the photos aren't really good I'm doing this on my phone and it looks worse in person or maybe I'm just really picky but it's very distracting and it ruins such a great game.