View Full Version : [X360] Studdering in hub area of Soviet Installation

23rd Dec 2015, 16:56
In the Soviet Installation hub where a big wooden building is located (next to a spawning wolves den) there is a lot of stuttering happening post campaign. I did not have this issue during the campaign. It appears that the area is having issues loading the random encounters in that area post campaign. Once I clear out the soldiers it runs smoothly again.
When I say post campaign, I mean any visit to this area after completing this particular area relating to the story. Say for instance, revisiting the area while I'm doing the story in the Geothermal area onward.

Since the area was void of soviet soldiers during the campaign I assume that is why it ran smoothly during the campaign.
Because of the stuttering, I always know when soldiers will spawn there. :rolleyes:

The game is currently installed to an external drive, but I also tested it installed to the internal drive and not installed. I also tested with and without patches.

Edited for readability.