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23rd Dec 2015, 16:35
Hi all,

I just got into the series and had some questions for the fan base.

So I picked up the PS4 X and X-2 collection for 25 bucks, figuring it'd be a good way to kill 3-5 hours for 25 bucks. Turns out FF X is one of my favorite games of all time. This, combined with the fact that I have a job that allows me to play during work (FF is also great for this because it is turned based) has led to me nearing the end of Yuna's journey in a matter of a few days (No spoilers please!)

I loved FFX. I want more Final Fantasy. I have x--2, but I've heard terrible things. I've gotten more than my 25 bucks worth out of FFX and if X-2 if going to taint the memory of the first one for me I'd rather just not play it.

I'm of course really excited for FFVII, because it is supposed to be even better than FFX, but I'm waiting for the remake. Does anyone know when it is getting released?

Are there any other FF titles on the PS4 worth playing while I wait? The PS4 is my only console. Is x-2 worth playing after all? Is type-0 any good? Those seem to be my only options for FF on the PS4, which is hilariously stupid of Sony, because I'd dump tons of disposable income on playing these games if they're anything like FFX.

I'm not a fan of the MMO, which actually had made me opposed to trying a mainstream FF game at first.

Why can't I play other FF classics on the PS4? I've heard great things about VI and IX.

24th Dec 2015, 07:39
Some people hated FF X-2 mainly because of the characters, as the whole party consists of girls (Yuna, Rikku, and a new female character named Paine). For me personally, the gameplay of X-2 is even better than X, but the story isn't better. X-2 has a new combat system with jobs (dress spheres) and many quests to do.

For FF VII, it's not confirmed when the remake will be released. I don't suppose it's going to be out before 2017 at least. You can play the original version meanwhile, it was released earlier this month on PS4.

Type-0 is fun but the gameplay is quite different from the other FF games. I do recommend it though.

In 2016, two brand new FFs will be released for PS4: FF XV and World of FF.

Unfortunately, the many FFs available on PSN are not playable on PS4. The classics are playable on PS3, Vita, or PSP.

FF XIII and it's sequel XIII-2 are available for the streaming service PS Now. But they are some of the least fav, most bashed FFs among the fanbase.

4th Jan 2016, 21:14
The best Final Fantasy games are FF6-FF10 Those are truly the golden age of Final Fantasy. Its impossible to say which one of them is the best. They're all great games. FF6 is dark, FF7 is epic, FF8 is emotional, FF9 is like a fairytale.

You won't find most of them on PS4 tho, I'm sorry, BUT - FFVII is out on PSN on PS4....it's THE biggest FF game, I think you should try it. Its just amazing, changed my life forever. ;)